Who else is sick and tired of all this Mexican bashing?

Who else feels the same way i do when i say i’m sick and tired about all the bad talk about "Anchor Babies" should be stripped of citizen ship and how Mexican’s will burn in Hell? All those lame jokes. People say "I’m not against the Latino’s only illegal one’s". Do you agree with that or do you think it’s a bunch of racist bull and their trying to cover it up?
For all you know it all’s i’m an US citizen born and raised both my parents are white. I do know what the word illegal means, my husband was born in Mexico!


  1. I’m real sick of it. Mexicans are not the only illegal people in our country. For people to be so rude about burning in hell and so on is childish. They are nothing but scum on the bottem of my shoe. Especially that my husband is Mexican. He pays his taxes, speaks english, and works hard. Probably harder then most people on here.

    Stephanie S
  2. When people say illegal aliens it doesn’t mean the M-word.

    When people say Anchor Baby it doesn’t mean the M-word.

    When people say deport illegal aliens it doesn’t mean the M-word.

    If you are LEGAL you have nothing to worry about. But if your mother is illegal she has something to worry about!

    What part of illegal don’t you understand?


  3. you sound very confused
    i like Mexican Americans
    illegals breaking the law piss me off
    anti Americans who claim that is a raciest point of view
    are lame

    ken y
  4. No, its not a bunch of racist bull.

    It should not be sufficient to be born on US soil to become an American…it is an antiquated law. Any legal resident, immigrant or not, who has a child, the child should be a citizen…

    Mexicans won’t burn in Hell for being illegal aliens however.

  5. i am sick and tired of all this Mexican bashing including illegals.

    Mexicans are not the only illegal ones.
    there are Asians, central americans, european ones and the list goes on..

    green eyes
  6. Who’s bashing? If you don’t want to talk about the finer points of the immigration issue, and in regard to US/Mexico border relations, then why are you here? There’s lots of great people in Mexico, and the sooner they unite behind the idea of making their country a better place to live, the more money they’ll be making, the better a standard of living they’ll have, etc etc etc.

    Believe it or not, the US/Mexico border fence is very pro-Mexico.
    Cross-border crime has RUINED, let me say that again, RUINED cities in northern Mexico. Shutting down free and open cross-border traffic will put an end to a lot of that crime, and restore their livability.

    Call it ‘tough love’, call it ’12-piece chicken bucket to go’, call it what you will, the fence is a great idea….

    Support the US Border Patrol!

  7. Well I truly am only against the Illegal ones stripping my children of a future and going to school only to end up with a black eye and detention for fighting back my kids are going to private school! Look Mexicans, Polish Russian I dont give a rats bunghole who you are, Im tired of paying for you period! Mexicans get the most backlash because 85% of Illegal immigrants are mexican. Its not racism its politics

    ask me again
  8. I’m with you, it’s a bunch of racist bull people are trying to cover up. In truth, it’s the same old fears being expressed as racism and anti-immigration that has happened ANY time a "new" group has made substantial inroads into the US. At one time it was the Chinese. Then the Irish. Then the Italians. Then the Russians. All of those groups had large immigrant migrations, and all of them eventually gained acceptance while still maintaining a large part of their own culture. The same thing will happen with Mexicans, it’s just a bad time right now.

    By the way, anti-immigrant racists, you do realize that only about 25% of illegal immigrants currently in the US are from Mexico, right?

  9. Use your brain. People dislike Mexicans for a reason and it is not because of the color of their skin. It’s their behavior. Lots of Mexicans are trashy, obnoxious, criminal, or parasitic. They come here and then have no respect for our laws.

    Law abiding citizen
  10. I know how you feel…. I think it is all racist bull and they cant cover it up….. on this Immigration forum all you see is Mexican this and that,and from what I have seen it is NEVER nothing good…. they never talk bad about any other race… legal or not… so that IS called RACISM… watch them not accept it….

  11. I just have to say that my favorite thing it the person who stated that all of these names do not necessarily mean the "M-Word". By M-word do you mean Mexican. Its funny that Mexican has almost become a racial slur.

  12. Anyone who is saying things like "burn in hell" and "they should die" are completely retarded people so don’t listen to the negative side. We are discussing what is right and what is wrong. The law is right and breaking it is wrong. Americans know that this is not just Mexicans but other illegals as well. We are fighting for the law, not against the race or the country.

  13. I think middle-class Americans are getting fed up…. and about time! We could say how we really feel about mexicans & their anchors then you would be upset!

    anti-illegals – we won again – she had to resort to name calling!!

  14. There are a lot of people that don’t know what they are talking about, and are just saying awful things about Mexican people. It’s definitely a popular thing to do right now, because the president has been bringing it up, so everyone who thinks that you have to agree with the president or you’re not an american has decided to use a completely inappropriate resource to rant and rave, and in the process lose site of what they are talking about and instead say awful things about a group of people.

    Some people are simply discussing an issue, but others are not. They are indeed just bashing.

    A personal story on the subject:
    I live in Oregon. Oregon strawberries are amazing. But they’re very delicate. You have to pick them by hand, and they go bad really soon after they’ve been picked. A few years ago, after Bush passed a bunch of laws making it harder for immigrants to get into the country, tons of oregon strawberries ended up just sitting in the field and rotting. They couldn’t find enough people to pick them. Immigrants, especially mexican immigrants, come into this country and are willing to work hard at the jobs that no one else wants. They’re picking fruit, cleaning houses, becoming dishwashers. I work in the restaurant industry. If there weren’t immigrants, I have no idea who they would get to do the dishes in this industry. They are extremely valued members of the staff. The only other people you can get to wash dishes are irresponsible kids that never stay around for long.

    Garbage Kills Megan
  15. I have no problems with Immigrants Mexican or some other ethnicity it doesn’t mater. Unless you’re Native American all of us are Immigrants. But their doses need to be control over who comes in to our country. The only problem I have is I think is if you want to be here, if you want to be equal, pay taxes like the rest of us.

    Curious George
  16. LawAbidingCitizen says Mexicans are "trashy, loud, obnoxious etc" please come and meet my neighbor, fat, rude, dirty kids, doesn’t clean up after her dog (in the common area of our condos) screams loudly at her kids.. a white lady.. people like that come in ALL colors, sizes, and race… and yes.. I am sick off ALL of the bashing from both sides.

    Nancy F
  17. Is your ancestry French?

    You have to keep fighting for what you believe is right… can’t just quit in the middle of it… because you "get tired of it".

    j H
  18. I agree with you. I’m tired of people going on and on about Mexicans. They come up with bad things to say about them but can’t think of anything good to say about them. They aren’t bad people!

  19. I totally agree with you, they do hate Mexicans even the legal ones, basically they just hate anybody who is not with them in their racist life style, now they’ll hate me and you even though you are American just because we are not on their side. Its just out of line, one thing is being against illegal immigration and another one is just being heartless like this people are.


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