Who knows how to cook some good Mexican food?

I want a website that can help me learn how to cook REAL Mexican food. Like Pesole, flan, menudo…Some really good recipes. I’m trying to help my disabled friend enjoy the foods she grew up loving and I’ve never cooked these foods before. Thank you in advance for your help:)


  1. Chili verde – green chili w/pork

    boneless pork roast – cut into small cubes
    1 large can green chili’s – diced
    1 large can diced tomato’s
    2 cloves garlic-chopped finely
    1/2 small onion – chopped finely
    cumin-to taste
    salt- to taste
    brown meat with garlic, onion, cumin/salt (to your taste), add chili’s and tomato’s and simmer til meat is tender (the longer the better).
    serve w/rice and beans

    dry pinto beans
    bacon – 3 slices
    2-3 jalapenos
    3 cloves garlic -whole, peeled
    salt -to taste

    clean beans and remove any pieces of dirt/rocks, put into large pot, wash/rinse beans and then fill pot w/water add garlic salt, bacon and jalapenos, put on high, bring to boil and the lower heat so it goes to a low boil, let cook check often and add water as needed, they are done when beans are soft and tender.
    spanish rice

    1 c rice
    garlic/onion finely chopped
    tomato sauce
    2 c water/chicken stock
    brown rice in a skillet, til light brown add garlic/onion, add tomato sauce, water, cumin, cilantro, cover and simmer until all water has been absorbed.


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