Why are Mexican immigrants always picked on for not speaking English?

Guess what, we are here for opportunity. My people will learn eventually. My parents learned in time when they came to the U.S and they are now succesfull.

There are other spanish speaking Latinos to worry about. Also, check out the Spaniards. They’re white and they speak Spanish. In fact, because of their conquests years ago in Latin America, Mexicans speak spanish because their ancestors were forced to learn by the Spaniards. The Spaniards were the first Spanish speakers just like the British were the first English speakers.

By the way, I’m not racist. In fact, I hope to visit Spain someday as well as Japan.

Also, not all Mexicans are brown. I’m white skinned. A lot of people have thought that I’m not Mexican until I start talking like one.

By the way, I learned in James Clavell’s Shogun that language is the key to survival in any country.

By the way, I was born an American citizen thus making me Mexican-American. I’m not an immigrant. My parents have been American citizens for 4 or 5 years now. I helped them study for their exams. 🙂


  1. i don’t pick on them. i teach them. i’m at one of the few, if not the only total immersion schools in ventura county. we are 96% mexican. we have no bilingual program, teaching or library books. we do have ELD, though. of course.

  2. Here in Canada I have a few wonderful mexican friends. They had to learn french to work here where I live and english. So many immigrants come to Canada without english or french and the government provides free courses to learn the language. Where I live its french but in other provinces its english. We support others learning a new language and so should americans help others that are trying as you have stated to have a better quality of life. everyone started somewhere.

    BlueLadyBlue R
  3. Well, there is no official language in America but the standard or most commonly used language is English. I think everyone who comes here needs to learn to speak it. I have no problem with foreigners. Just like, if I went to Mexico to live, I would learn the language.

  4. You answered your own question. You’re not here to be a citizen – you’re here to *get*. Your whole attitude is anti-American, dude. If I went to Mexico, I would want to learn Spanish just so I could make friends, much less learn it to get around to help myself more. But maybe it’s because people know that you don’t really give a damned about the natural citizens of this country, you just want what we have. That’s pretty anti-social. I’ve got no problem welcoming you or anyone else with open arms, but since you came here, you’ve got to adapt to my world…I shouldn’t have to adapt to yours. I didn’t go to your house, you came to mine. My mothers people were native, but my fathers people were German and they learned English before they came here and adapted to this way of life; they did not expect America to stop and change to adapt to theirs. Fair is fair, my man. It’s like I go to your home and you have rules. I have to abide by those rules – I can’t just go in and run amok. And I would have to know some Spanish just so I could tell you why I was there. Ya know? You’re seclusive, yet you blame us for doing it. Man *shakes head* the attitudes of todays immigrant. No wonder you meet such opposition!

  5. During WWII the entire county of the U S was joined in the war effort. Mexico stayed neutral while secretly giving support to the Nazi’s. The "Bracero" program was started in California, because all the men who worked the fields were off fighting the war. Mexican people who lived in Los Angeles didn’t join the war effort. Many of the men hung around street corners and at night went out in Zoot suits to clubs and stuff. Americans began to resent this and Sailors rioted in Los Angeles and beat and killed many Mexicans.
    Today, people see those who cross oceans to become Americans and compare them to those who walk across the border and want to stay "Mexican". It is felt by many that if you don’t want to be an American, stay in Mexico. The fact that Mexico never has extradited a killer back to this country only adds to the resentment. Americans are not treated well when living in Mexico and have no rights. Policemen there demand bribes and Americans cannot own property in some areas.
    Unfortunately, Mexico cannot have it both ways. The new immigration reforms (building the fence) show just how badly the American people feel about this. Of course, the first thing a person breaking the law, by being here without proper documentation is, to cry RACISM. This only makes the situation worse. America is the fairest, most liberal country on the planet, yet there are those who cannot or will not abide by even our liberal laws. It is not a good situation. The country of Mexico has a wealth of resources, yet people there live like rats. Its unhealthy and backward. No one can blame them for wanting to come here for free health care, welfare, and education. Mexican people are perceived as lazy, ignorant and criminals who will not adopt our culture.
    I am not saying that I agree with all of this, but this is truthful. There cannot be meaningful change as long as drug lords openly commit murder and freely rule Northern Mexico. Americans perceive a threat that must be dealt with.
    Speaking more than 1 language is indeed an asset. I am thinking of studying Mandarin, considering the purchase of this country by the Chinese.
    Hang in there man.

  6. Yeah unfortunately many Americans have a very limited exposure to VERY diverse culture of Mexico, so they often fall into the many stereotypes that abide. Fortunately for me it has been an honor to learn Spanish and spend time with people from Mexico. The fact is that they are just as intelligent as any other race of people and just want to enjoy life and provide for their families as anyone else would. If the ‘political shoe’ was on the other ‘national foot’ then Americans would be crossing the border and going to Mexico to find a better living in the same way. Many people erroneously conclude that Mexicans (who have immigrated) are too lazy to learn English etc, but the fact is that many of them have not even recieved a decent education in their OWN language. Some of them can barely read Spanish, let alone English. If America’s education system was the same we would see the exact same thing here. Also just like you said not all Mexican’s look the same, just as any culture will vary in appearance. Mexico is HUGE!! Many immigrants come from the northern part of Mexico, thus generally speaking they share some similar traits, but that only represents a very small section of Mexico. If the governments were not wasteful with resources and people were not so wrapped up in selfness we could ALL(all races) share everything, but unfortunately that is not the case. Personally I think they(the ones I personally know) are very hospitable, kind, hard working people, so hey, I say let them come, all they want to do is live a decent life. And besides they have some of the best music ever! Duranguense, Sinaloense, Cumbia, Ranchera….do I really need to continue! Banda El Recodo!!!!!! IIIIUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!! lol

    Bernard Jean-Pierre
  7. hmm.. well, I don’t know.. I never pick on any one for their misuse of the english language.. (well, .. that’s not true.. some of my relatives speak horrifically, and they have no excuse except laziness)

    I have a few regular customers at one of my jobs who come in in groups.. there will always be one girl who translates for the others.. but over the last year I’ve noticed that the rest have gotten better.. she doesn’t have to translate as much.. I know how hard learning a second language is.. I took three years of German.. and while I can read it fairly well, were I to just pick up and move there I’d be completely lost..


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