why are some mexicans raciest torwards there own kind just because they dont speak spanish?

if u say this is not common ur full of bs because ive need through this my whole life and so have a number of light skinned non speaking mexicans who are basically "white boys". this is nothing new to me, a lot of the hardcore mexican men look down on non speaking mexicans..and me i look white anyways. ive been tease and treated like crap by them a lot of times… even about an hour ago… ive had friends who say the same thing happens to them regularly.. im not imaging things this is very real.. ive seen talk shows about ppl who feel exactly the same as me… dont deny it…

it sucks but what can i do? freaking mexicans…


  1. Ignorance. Americans are racist against their own kind to, I mean white on black crimes, mexican on white crime, black on mexican crime, etc. Just because a person is of mexican nationality doesn’t mean they can’t be racist, my experience shows that many white mexicans are racist against darker mexicans so it goes both ways.

    Dos Caras Jr
  2. I assume you’re an American of Mexican decent, meaning that you’re not Mexican.
    I guess you don’t have a reason to speak Spanish, just tell them that.
    The funny thing is that the people who look down on you are probably not Mexican either but "Mexican-American".

    btw: what does your skin color has to do with anything?

  3. I get the ones that refuse to speak english to me. I dont even look like I speak spanish and I’m white as rice, but I thought I’d throw them a little curve ball.

    Estoy appriendo y mis espanol is muy bueno.

    You can learn if you want to. Dont let those ones stop you. Learn it so you can make them look ridiculous.

    Trent Reznor ™²

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