why are there Americans who think Mexican is a language?

Mexicans and other latinos who speak Spanish never say "Americans speak American"
they say Americans speak English

however, I’ve heard a lot of Americans saying "He/she speaks Mexican"

should I blame McDonald’s or Coca-Cola??


  1. Maybe they mean Mexican-Spanish. Mexicans use different words and phrases for things that other latin countries don’t use. I’m Hispanic-American (born in the U.S) and I am fluently bilingual in English and Spanish. Sometimes when I hear my Mexican friends speak spanish, I don’t understand what they’re saying (my family is from Nicaragua). And if I DO understand what they’re saying, they mean the phrase differently from what it literally means. "No mames!" I understand "Don’t breastfeed."

    By the way, American English is different from Australian English, too.

    I get what you mean, but I get what those people mean, too.

  2. I hear plenty of people say that American is a language as in "Hey, Mexican… speak American!"

    American is a specific version of English, which differs from British English. Likewise, Mexican Spanish is different from the Spanish spoken in Spain.

  3. Same reason that explains why some Americans think Europe is a country or think that Canadians all speak French … a terrible education system and an insular media.

  4. Seriously I love your display image…Awesome…
    Well Americans are dumb…They have different culture that is quite absurd for majority of the people of the world..So ya they might speak english but still they are quite dumb…I mean they have changed the world so much…bf and gf at young age…no care for adultery….falling in love even your married adn having kids….world was good before but bow it is awful coz of theirs ideology!
    Sorry for insulting them!!!

    Kim Cortex
  5. LOL …………..
    Because they don’t know the difference between Mexicans or any other Latin Language country citizens.
    Example: I am a U S citizen but I don’t speak Canadian or Australian.
    ; )
    Education is the answer to ignorance.
    Enjoy Life.

  6. Most Americans I’ve heard say this know better, but they’re being intentionally stupid just to piss off Mexicans and other Hispanics. Apparently it really works, and the joke is on you.

    Idi Amin
  7. Noo, McDonald’s and Coke have nothing to do with it. Just ignorant, racist people. Those who are uneducated will make dumb associations and steriotypes, like saying every hispanic is the same(Mexican)…..we’re not.

    Nyles Mendez

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