1. I think it’s a minority and majority thing. Most mexican people, or people of hispanic descent do speak spanish, although there are few who don’t know how. I think people are just ignorant and thing that if you are hispanic you’ll automatically just know how to speak spanish, no you you spanish by getting taught it.

    Introverted Mind
  2. Because spanish people probably think that if your spanish you should learn the language, it’s just like people saying if you want to live in America you should learn english.

    YO MAMA!!!®
  3. I have heard it said that if you are mexican and dont know spanish then people think you have sold out or not embracing your culture. Personally I know many mexican’s living in Texas whom i went to school and grew up with who dont know any Spanish because growing up in their homes it might not have been their primary language so its just peoples own personal ignorance that makes them think there is something wrong if a mexican does not know spanish.

    Brandon B

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