Why did Newt Gingrich cheat on his wife with a Mexican, and then denounce the Spanish language?

Oh sorry. That was my GOP link that is really good information too. I have to go back and find the Newt Link, will you give me a moment please?

Sorry about that Clair, I thought I had posted the Newt double talk link. Thanks for letting me know?


  1. Haven’t we had enough of Conservative hypocrisy already? I’d rather listen to a snake with four tongues than a Republican Neocon.

    God help us all……..

  2. Because Hypocrit is the GOP’s middle name?

    Don’t forget he was cheating on his wife while at the same time attacking Clinton for doing the same.

    At least Clinton didn’t portray himself a saint and claim to represent the "Party of christian values."

  3. I thought personal lives did not matter since Clinton?

    Oh that only applies to liberals.. thats right..sorry my bad..

    He didn’t denounce the Spanish Language…

  4. even a troll like newt cant resist the undeniable beauty and charm of a Latina..i feel sorry for the girl though, iam sure she was heavily intoxicated at the time.

  5. Your talking Newt here.

    He’s the guy signing the checks for Ken Star while he was zipping his pants up.

    With an accused 11 counts of grade rape (grades for sex) when he was a College Professor I would think anything is possible with him.

    Go Team Red Go

  6. He cheated on his wife because he was weak and lust overcame him. He DID NOT denounce the Spanish language. Now, since he did not denounce the Spanish language, that makes you a LIAR. Why did you lie?

    just the facts
  7. A life lesson for ya:
    People in power of any degree will do whatever the "hell-acious" they want.

    Politicians are liars who only care about their will, power, & interests. The only reason they speak & appeal to the populace is to stave off revolt. It’s all about keeping up the Suspension of Disbelief. Learned that from Pro Wrestling. Making it LOOK real.

    Newt is cheating now I betcha & his wife will be the fool she always was and put up with it unless she’s cheating too.
    Bill Clinton is too much of a playboy to be a married man. He’s getting some on the side as we speak.
    Women are attracted to power & powerful men will always get action. That’s the perks of power.

    He denounces the Spanish language to keep up the Suspension of Disbelief to the blocks of people he "represents". He could care less about their issues or worries because he’s taken care of. Their problems are not his own so why SHOULD he care?

    You’ll find that the most morally-lacking institutions are the ones who speak out loudest against immorality.

  8. It doesn’t matter who he cheated on his wife with, what matters is that he cheated on his wife while she was dying of Cancer, when his wife needed someone the most to be by her side, and see her through the horrible pain of dying from that terrible disease, he consoled himself, by violating his marriage vows WOW! what a champ! I hope some day we can all be as cold and callouse to our own family members. Oh he denounced the Spanish Language because he was talking out of the other side of his mouth like most Politicians have a tendency to do.

  9. Newt Gingrich the leader of the GOP in "family and moral values." The prophet of the GOP Jerry Falwell has forgiven Newt for his cheating on his wife or is it wives?


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