Why do all the anti illegal people claim its not about race,yet all they mention is mexican illegals?

Many on here claim that the pro illegals always pull out what they call the "race" card,yet all they ever mention is mexico and illegal mexicans.And when they talk about deporting illegals they are quick to shout "send them all back to mexico" how do they know they are all mexican and not from another latin american country.
p.s just a quick note to let everyone know that i’m female.i know has nothing to do with the question but hate those that assume I’m a guy because of my username.thanks


  1. ….Well, I dunno bout you, but I’m in Houston, TEXAS…

    And.. I don’t see too many Irishmen or Scottish gentlemen in their kilts hanging around the pubs…

    But.. I do see 30 hispanics hanging around everywhich way I turn… and more than 1/2 of them are giving me dirty looks– as if I’m a tourist in THEIR country!

    Get real dude…. 88% of hispanics are in my community… 53% of that 88% are deemed illegals…

    23% of those 53% illegals, have done other bits of crime– other than crossing over ILLEGALLY!!

    I dunno bout you, but I’m not for illegal acts. I did my time in the military, I served my country….

    I did this, did that…and I’ve never been arrested for stupid sh!t!!

    I’m against anything illegal…including speeding.. And though sometimes I do it, I know I do wrong, and I get at myself for it!!

    However, those who are cought speeding, pay the price for it– and if I were to speed, and get cought doing so, I’d hold myself accountable even though I’d hate to pay the fine.

    Like so… if you cross over, you should be able to ask..if "they" are legal or not.. and prove it.. This is MY country, NOT your’s..

    When you do something wrong– and are cought, you don’t get away with it! If that happened, why have rules? Why have regulations? Why not just rob anybody right now? And then murder them, and take the rest of their stuff?

    When people from TEXAS talk about illegals, I’m sure their talking about Hispanics.. It just so happens Mexico borders Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, and Cali…

    Those speaking of "illegals" from those states, I’m assuming they’re speaking for the most part, the majority of the Mexican population in this country.

    Likewise, those near the Canadian border, they’re speaking of illegals from Canada… or Asia.. or those in NY.. which is a city of vast races/ nationalities, would be speaking among everyone as a whole!

    Personally.. I don’t have a problem with Irishmen, or Scottish people, because they do not interact with me everyday… I never see them, and if I do, they hide well… and at least speak English—

    Unlike those of the Mexican communities in and around Houston.. They do not.. And I can tell by the way a person drives if they are from here or not…

    (Notice I didn’t say whether they were illegals or not)

    Pin me for being a racist…whatever…pull it out on me– Like I give a damn!

    I’m sick of the BS in and out everyday of my life in MY COUNTRY!!! If you want to fly the Mexican flag, or the IRISH flag or whatever– you do so, in your own damn country.. NOT MINE!!

    –Rob :)~

  2. I am anti-illegal immigration (I have no idea how you can be "pro-illegal"!), and I challenge you to find a post where I single out Mexican immigrants.

    PS: Mexican is not a race, and I am not white.

    A Person
  3. People that are against illigal immigration are against all illegal immigration. They are concerned about the economic toll it is taking on our country, the security risks, etc… The reason that mexican immigrants are brought up so often in this topic is that the overwhelming majority of illegal immigrants are, indeed, from Mexico. If they were all Canadians sneaking over the boarder, the spotlight would be on Canada. It’s true that there are illegals from South America, Asia, and pretty much everywhere. However, at immigration rallies for illegals, you don’t see these people waving the Canadian Flag or the British Flag…there are many more Mexican flags being waved. I am confused by this since these people are trying to build a case to become Amercians…shouldn’t they be waving the US flag?

    Isn’t it great to live in a country that everybody is fighting and dying to get into instead of out of?

  4. Hmmm … I think you’ll find there’s a law somewhere, unfortunately I don’t have the link, that says that illegals have to be repatriated to the last port of call … in the case of the southern border, the last port of call before entering the U.S. is Mexico … so whether they’re Guatemalan or Venezuelans … if they came in via Mexico, then back to Mexico they go ….

  5. Because it is about race! You dont hear the same comments about the blondes , blue eyes coming from russia, illegally too! The ones who want to hit the U.S.A. will come from boats or by air! Mexicans come here to work! Punto. Their children work also. I dare go deeper than race, it is also language! The war between English and Spanish, especially in the schools.

    aidamaria g
  6. so true. these people try to hide and say " its not racism, its just that "MEXICANS" need to go back,. then they claim to be so smart but man they contradict themselves and are so hypocritical, its so funny.

  7. That’s because the main portion of illegal aliens are Mexican. Plus the Mexican illegals are the only ones demanding special treatment only for their particular group, Mexicans. So of course they are the main group on everyones mind when it comes to illegal immigration. I can’t help myself, I have to add this part…….DURRRRRRRRRRR!

    Mr. Bojangles
  8. Well……..I guess you haven’t read my Posts……..

    I use the words ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS/IMMIGRANTS all the time…………………….

    I have also mentioned in my posts to those that stereotype that there are russians, asians, arabs, europeans, etc, etc (that same sentence all the time)……………..

    Maybe YOU should read All Questions before making personal Attacks………

    Just a Thought………..

    I would like to add that Illegals from the areas I mentioned aren’t Marching and Protesting in the streets Demanding rights from a country they entered Illegally………….

    That could be why some are making general statements……

    You Think????????????

  9. Hmmm…. let’s see why. Millions of illegal Mexicans compared to — what a few hundred or even thousand Canadians, Chinese.

    Odds are if they are illegal they are from Mexico. Just a fact based on the percentages.

    Race has nothing to do with it.

  10. Because, as you already know, Mexicans are the biggest problem when it comes to illegal immigration. Also, who was it waving ugly flags on May day that were not of this country? That’s right! It was Mexicans. I don’t know any other group of people who act like they are entitled to everything, FOR FREE and insult us in our own country the way that Mexicans do. Mexican illegals behave with complete arrogance and utter stupidity, which is a very ugly combination.

  11. With out mexicans your country will go down, can you understand that?

    Texas is the 9th economy of the world, thanks to mexicans, they do all the hard work, because we are to lazy for that.

    75% of the poblation in california is latinoamerican and with out the mexicans you wont have food, only chemicals, you wont have fast food, in almost all the places with fast food survive thanks to mexicans.

    Disneyland will go down because almost all disneyland products are from mexico.

    Mexico is the second most important countrie for U.S.A.
    (After China)

    carlos o

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