Why do Mexican-Americans talk bad about illegal mexicans?

Im mexican-american in san antonio tx and I noticed a lot my family who are Mexican-Americans talk bad about illegal mexicans, why? they call them mojaos


  1. I can’t speak for Mexican-Americans because I’m not one, but your family members probably worked hard to get into this country legally, whereas the illegal immigrants kind of sneaked in through the back door. At least, that’s what my dad (a legal immigrant) thinks. So it makes sense that they would be mad.

  2. I work with a very nice lady from India that opposes illegal immigration in no small way. She flat out hates it.

    Could it be the many years and thousands of dollars she spent getting here legally?

  3. I’m a legal immigrant and I’m another of those ones that is against illegal immigration because it’s a slap in the face to myself and my family. We spent several months living in separate countries and paid thousands of dollars to do it the right way. Now, we have to toe the line, live law-abiding lives and be responsible for ourselves while millions of others see themselves as above the law. They sneak in the back door and demand rights that I’m well aware I’m not entitled to and am perfectly OK with.

    To me, it doesn’t matter where they come from. Illegals and overstayers come from every race, culture and country imaginable. But I imagine that if I were Mexican, I’d be more angry at those who drag the reputation of my entire culture down with them.


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