Why do Mexican girls have more "swagga" than black girls?

Mexican girls at my school are more "hood" and "real". Black girls just talk stuff while Mexican girls can actually fight… No offense. It’s just my best friend is a Mexican girl (I’m a black guy) and she always has my back! Mexican girls also have just a sexier and more intimidating "swagga".


  1. If you say so…. People try to fit in too hard nowadays & some people try to change. People think its cute to act ghetto but they dont really know what ghetto is I been around it & it make me happy I was taken away from it at an early age. All it is is drug addicts,gangs,future casket fillers & ignorant people.

    I hate the word Swag it sounds dumb

  2. it’s really depends where you grew up. i’m a black female that grew up in the suburbs and i can fight like a dude. i talk shxt as well. anybody can have "swag"

  3. The mexican girls that I know are either quiet or really down to earth and nice, loud, funny, they don’t do that hood shyt. And keeping it real means being down to earth yet honest.

    Angela **Greek Goddess**
  4. sorry, but that’s mexican girls AT YOUR SCHOOL. ugh. why do people generalize so much?

    and if you need a girl to protect you then you have to work on some things.

    have a nice day.

    Silver Dragon
  5. Haha i’m a Mexican girl =)

    Why thank you xD

    We sexier, we know how to fight back, and we have other peoples back.

    Why? Cuz we awesome.

    Black girls just think their the shit and fight off everyone they see. Us Mexicana’s also have a soft side.

    кαту .

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