Why do mexican men fall in love with white women?

I mean..my bf is mexican and I am white. I just wanna know why? There are plenty of beautiful latinas, that are closer to their culture, language, and in basically anything. I would like to know what attracts them to us I suppose. Is it our pale skin? Our different color eyes? Our language and culture? What..preferably Latinos answer this please.
Gracias :]


  1. My fiance is Mexican as well. He tells me that the majority of Mexican women are very jealous and close-minded, the same goes for the men..lol.. He claims that the American women are more open, loving, and independent. Also, white women look exotic to them because all they see in Mexico is brown skin, eyes, and hair, unless the chica bleaches her hair. He had plenty of sexual encounters in Mexico and in America, but only with Hispanic women. Unfortunately for him, oral and anal wasn’t on the menu. He never experienced anything other than the basics until he met me. Maybe we are freaks in the bed compared to the women in Mexico. I’m not saying that we are better than those ladies, it’s just our cultural differences. I know plenty of wonderful Mexican women, but I don’t know any that are sexually open accept for the ones born in America. All men love a woman that can fearlessly fulfill their nastiest sexual fantasies. It stops some men from cheating. If we can give them what they want without judging them, they don’t have to pay a hooker or find a dirty ho to do it for them. Most Mexican men cheat. They will have a wife in Mexico and a girlfriend in America, but still cheat on both women if they are not sexually satisfied. Hispanic men are hot blooded, passionate horny little devils that have a libido the size of Mt. Everest and I love loving them. I love their passion and desire. I love it that I can express myself sexually and they love it like no other. Hispanic men are my favorite. I am not Hispanic, but I grew up with Mexicans thanks to my father. I have dated Mexican Americans, but this is my first "fresh from the border" Mexican, BTW he doesn’t speak any English. I hope I helped you understand why they love us. Don’t listen to that whole green card crap people are throwing out there, that is rarely true.

  2. Don’t be prejudiced. Think of people as people not as "latino" "white" "black.

    Your boyfriend is a person that fell in love for another person. The rest is irrelevant.

  3. The same reason black men fall in love with white women. White women are the BEST that man kind has to offer. Culture has nothing to do with it, just ask a mexican or brother.

  4. hmmm …..he may just be in love with you. Maybe he has had a bad relationship with "other" women. maybe he just loves you for YOUR INSIDES. Please don’t think all Mexicans desire/want/lust white women.

    One, it diminishes your bf’s affections for him.

    Do you love all mexican men? or just your man in particular?

    Mocha D
  5. Don’t flatter yourself, there are alot of hispanic women with the same pale skin as yourself some with green eyes, blue eyes, Blonde hair…
    It sounds like you’re very attracted to darker skinned men. Most Hispanic men like not just WHITE women, but women whom they think are ignorant to their culture, because they know that the women of their culture know what they are all about. I’m not Hispanic …latina or however you reffered to them, but I know from past experiences.


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