Why do Mexicans speak clearer Spanish then people from say Cuba/DR/Puerto Rico?

I know a bit of Spanish, I understand Mexicans perfectly but when I meet people from The countries I mention, it impossible for me to understand them unless they speak it slowly. Why is that Mexican Spanish is more understandable?


  1. I live surrounded by Mexican speakers, but I’ve also spent time in Puerto Rico, where my mother owned a home.

    The Puerto Ricans complain that they cannot understand Mexicans.

    Puerto Ricans are speaking the original Spanish, undiluted by the thousands of new idioms and changed words and new words that the Mexican Spanish has acquired.

    I studied Spanish for four years in high school, and still I have a hard time understanding Mexican Spanish.

  2. It’s just the dialectical difference. You learned a specific dialect with a specific set of accents, so it can be difficult for you to understand some of them. We have the same problem in my home country. While Norwegian, Swedish and Danish are all basically dialects of the same base language and we can understand each other we do all use our own dialects of our own language all the time (and there are many dialects of all three). Danes and Swedes can have a difficult time understanding each other sometimes as a result, while Norwegians are more like the universal translators of the Scandinavian peninsula. It’s not that the words are too terribly different, it’s just that even among the words that are the same in all three languages they can be pronounced very differently based on the region the person is from in the first place.

    Miss Dementia
  3. Really ? I always thought Puerto Rican accents were clearer…maybe it’s because most of the people I talk to in Spanish are Puerto Rican…but it’s just different accents. Cuban Spanish is really unclear for whatever reason…maybe you learned Spanish from a Mexican teacher.

  4. Different accents and use of the word, as well as a slightly different use of grammar structure
    Ex: English is spoken in both England and the U.S.A, yet you may have a hard time understanding a British accent or tone. Same language just different ways or pronouncing words. Ex: tomato can be pronounced "toe-ma-toe" or "toe-may-toe"

  5. Mexican spanish is considered one of the most neutral of the different Spanish spoken in America. Specially the caribbean spanish tends to eliminate consonants like the ‘s’ or the ‘j’, or change the ‘r’ for ‘l’.


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