Why do Mexicans speak Spanish but Indians don't speak English?

Why is Spanish the "native" language of 98% of Mexicans, but English isn’t the native language of most Indians?
I meant Indians as in East Indians, not West Indians.


  1. Well, good question. The reason its because Native Americans speak their own dialects, not Elnglish. But even if they learn English, they will learn it to speak it, write and read it perfectly without the trace of an accent.

  2. Well, most Mexicans are part-Spanish first of all, and second the Native Americans here in the U.S. for the most part do in fact speak English.

  3. Most Mexicans are descendants of the Spanish or Immigrants that assimilated into Hispanic culture, while most Indians, from India, are not descendants of the English. They were immune to old world disease, more of them survived (however, English is an official language of India but is usually spoken as a second language). Only 5.5% of the Mexican population, which are the original "Mexicans," have kept their true language. The non Indigenous population of Mexico (mestizos and Europeans) outnumbered the Indigenous population. This put pressure on the Indigenous population to learn Spanish.

    Kaab Waykan
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  5. If you’re talking about the Indians from India, English is one of their official languages.

    If you’re talking about Native Americans…then I’m just going to laugh, because a good amount of them speak English. Unless you’re talking about the ones that live on reservations. Maybe they don’t speak English there.

    Lady Zée
  6. I take it you haven’t met very many educated Indians, because we all speak English. Obviously the ones that couldn’t afford to go to school don’t speak proper English. I think I speak decent English (and correct a lot of my American friends). I was born and raised in Indian by the way. Maybe because there are over 1000 languages in India and we have to learn at least 2 plus English(and sometimes a foreign language as well). Or because ourcan’t accent can be difficult to understand? That happens sometimes, thing is a lot of the older Indians that come here don’t speak proper English also some of the academic cream of the crop come from poor families and get scholarships here (usually Engineering and Medical students) and hence concentrate only on Math and Science subjects(not English).
    Generally the Christian and Parsi(Persian) population in India speak English at home that’s why they have a better grasp of the language. Families that don’t speak English might have trouble with it. Just my guess

    Ŧãŧěř Ťöţ
  7. That’s wrong. Indians from India do speak English, English is one of their official languages, most of them speak 2 or 3 official languages (their own regional dialects plus English). In fact, more Indian people speak English than the other Asians such as the Chinese do..

  8. English is not a native language of the Indians, rather a learnt/studied language. Many Anglophones have extreme difficulty understanding the few Indians who do know English as it is evident that they have learnt it as a foreign tongue and their native language complicates comprehension as the accent is extremely strong. In Mexico the Spanish imposed their language whereas the English didn´t really in India hence most Indians live oblivious to English in their own country.


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