Why do people compare the Mexican invasion to the LEGAL immigration waves of the past?

Past immigration – Immigrants came into this country LEGALLY and immediately began adapting to the new culture. They wouldnt even teach their newborn children the old language because they wanted them to completely assimilate into American culture.

Current invasion – Illegal aliens sneak over the border, don’t bother to learn the language or the culture and leave it up to the state to teach their children english.

Past immigration – Immigrants were checked very closely at Ellis island to ensure they had no diseases.

Current invasion – Illegal aliens are bringing in diseases such as TB and the bubonic plague.

Past immigration – Respected that they were now an American citizen and obeyed the law. Respected the American flag.

Current invasion – Illegal aliens bring in violent crime and gangs. Disrespect the flag by stomping on it, burning it and flying it above their mexican flag. Have an idea that the southwest US belongs to Mexico.



  1. It is like comparing a burglar to invited dinner guests.

    I also get a laugh when they compare the proposed border fence to the Berlin Wall. As I recall the Berlin Wall was put in place to keep people in their own country. I do not remember any efforts of West Germans to cross into the East.

    The border fence is the just the same as when I lock my door when I leave for work. It is perfectly moral and no sane person would condemn me for it. However if I lock someone IN my house I am eligible for the Death Penalty in some states.

    Maxx P
  2. You do realize that Ellis Island didn’t open as an immigration station until 1892, right? Most of us who had ancestors come to the USA before the mid-1800’s didn’t HAVE to go through the same kind of scrutiny we’ve now set up for the latecomers. IF you go far enough back, say to the Mayflower, you have plenty of whites showing up and assuming they have the right to be here, whether the original inhabitants wanted them or not. The big difference now is that the existing society has passed more official laws.

    That’s why people compare the two.

  3. You can’t be further from the truth. Saying that "[i]mmigrants came into this country LEGALLY and immediately began adapting to the new culture" is pretty inaccurate for every immigration wave. Especially the first one 😉

    Go pick up a history book and look up Immigration between 1875 and 1925.

  4. Past waves of immigrants brought good and not so good. We inherited the mafia from Italy. We inherited the Yakuza from Japan. We inherited troubles from Ireland. And we inherited slavery from the English.

    And yes, in the past we had immigration waves: the English, the Germans, the Italians, the Irish, the East Europeans, the Japanese, and the Chinese – among others. Most notably, the English brought unwilling and enslaved blacks to our shores – and we brought laborers from the Philippines and China under slave-like conditions to work on pineapple plantations and railroads.

    The one big difference to me is that these people fell into step with American society as it existed and they grew to contribute to America as Americans.

    Today’s migration from Mexico and Latin America seems to be very different. One, it is ongoing and seems to be without end. Two, instead of assimilating and developing themselves as Americans, we appear to being bent into their shape to accommodate them.

    This "wave" needs to subside through better controls – but controls that do not impose on legitimate citizens, immigrants, and visitors; quite unlike what is happening with an out of hand Homeland Security department. And secondly, the new wave needs to understand where it is going – to America. It is not bringing a new culture or language to us, it is coming to be a part of us. And we need to understand this, too.

    I’m happy to try to accommodate new arrivals with my best efforts in Spanish as a matter of courtesy. But I am not in the mood to learn Spanish to survive in my own country.

    And I think that’s the key: when "accommodate" changes to being "imposed upon", then I want somethings changed or stopped.

  5. It’s a tactic used in court. The art of circumventing the main issue by creating a new issue, while all the time trying to convince you that it is the main issue.

    The main issue is illegal immigration. I cannot be convinced that legal immigration is what I should be discussing.

    Good try La Raza!!

    Richard S
  6. I believe they compare it
    1) because they are too thick to see the difference
    2) they are grasping at straws to cover their illegal, criminal, law breaking a s s e s.

    Immigrants, true, legal, immigrants brought a lot to this country. Knowledge, skills and a wonderful diversity.
    Illegals bring demands, arrogance and suck this country dry.

  7. Virgina, you really are showing yourself to be ignorant of US History. Obviously you have not had much formal education or knowledge of your own family history, which is a shame. People compare the current wave of immigration to that of the past because they are indeed very similar as I will point out.

    Do you really think all people from western, and later eastern, Europe were INVITED to come to the USA, and entered legally? No, many just showed up in boatloads and wanted in, long before Ellis Island even existed. When Ellis Island did open later, 12 to 20 million immigrants passed thru and most could not speak a word of English. The wealthy were passed thru easily after a 6 second visual exam, and the poor were kept longer. When asked about their health, occupation, and family connections, many would lie just to stumble pass the test and be allowed in (wouldn’t you?). Only 2% were ever denied entry. Some women even tried to hide that they were pregnant in order to be allowed admission (pregnancy was a reason to be sent back). And it is a documented fact that many immigrants would pay someone so that person could be used as their "family" connection in the USA and be allowed in. Thus for a variety of reasons, many immigrants lied, cheated and sneaked their way into Ellis Island. By your standards, they would be called ILLEGAL. But when you look at the bigger picture, they were just doing what they could to get to the USA. Can you blame your ancestors for this, or the current wave of immigrants? Would you call your ancestors ILLEGAL for cheating their way into Ellis Island, for lying thru the questions or medical exam just to avoid being sent back to Europe where there was no hope waiting for them there?

    Furthermore, immigrants past and present could not possibly begin to adapt to the new culture "immediately", as you say. You can’t learn English or any other language or culture overnight. It takes time. Tell me this, if you migrated to Japan tomorrow, and had kids a few months later, would you teach them English or Japanese? Obviously you would not be comfortable enough with spoken Japanese (nevermind written Japanese) to teach them properly, so naturally you would speak to your kids in English at home. The same thing happened to your ancestors. Irish folk tended to move to Irish neighborhoods in Boston, New York, Chicago, etc where they were more comfortable with their own people, where they could shop and attend religious services in their native language. Same for the Italians, Mexican, etc. They don’t assimilate overnight, but eventually they do.

    And as someone else has already mentioned, violence, gangs and crime have been imported to the USA from other European/Asian countries for many years before the current immigration.

    Virginia, and others with similar misconceptions…next time, please do more research and learn US History before opening your mouth and embarrasing yourself.


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