Why do people say Puerto Ricans speak a "Ghetto Spanish" compared to Mexicans?

Why do people say Puerto Ricans speak a "Ghetto Spanish" compared to Mexicans?
I hear people say that Puerto Ricans and many other Island Countries in the Caribbean speak the Spanish language in a "Ghetto" way as opposed to Mexicans who speak Spanish in a Clear and understandable way.

Can someone explain why people say this?


  1. If it’s not Spain Spanish, then it’s ghetto Spanish.

    Caribbean Spanish has a lot of French thrown in too, so it sounds like even crappier Spanish. Then there’s Mexican Spanish, which is really Spanglish. Then Central American Spanish with some aboriginal language tossed in there.

    Just like all Canadian French is ghetto French. The French in North East U.S. is worse, French in the Acadian French populations in Louisiana etc is even worse than North Eastern U.S. French.

    Portuguese in Portugal is proper, but Brazilian Portuguese is crappier because they use a lot of Spanish.

    English in England is proper European English, but English in India and Australia is crappy. (Although Aussies will take issue with that. But truth is, they’re just cockney gone crazy from having all the cockney trash prisoners shipped down there.

    Dutch is Dutch, unless you go to South Africa, where it turns to crap Dutch. That gets defended as it’s own language, just like Aussies.

    German is German until you get into Austria and Switzerland, where it turns to crap. But even they defend it as Austrian and Swiss German.

    Not unique to call one country’s language crap over another’s.

    U.S. and Britain’s argue about it all the time.

    PS) It’s LEARNED not LEARNT you limey barstards!!!! 😀

  2. lol @ mexicans calling others "ghetto". I never knew they said that about P.R.s but they do that with El Salvadorans (Salvis) But you have to admit El Salvadorans are grimy ghetto as phucc

    Perzia Shammas
  3. Mexicans speak proper spanish.
    They dont cut accents or cut words short.
    The majority of people in the carribean such as puerto rico, dominican republic, cuba have african and spanish descent and talk different.

    They say words that are not normally spanish oriented, because of their descendents.
    Mexicans on the other hand have no african descendants and talk proper spanish language from spain.
    The majority of south america also talk proper spanish since their descendents are spanish and indian not african.

    Rosa Peralta
  4. I agree with Rosa, but its mainly based on the area! I mean, do Americans speak proper English? No, we speak American English. The same for other Latin American countries.

    @Rosa: You forgot about the black-slave descendants in the Veracruz area in Mexico!


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