Why do people say Puerto Ricans speak a "Ghetto Spanish" compared to Mexicans?

I hear people say that Puerto Ricans and many other Island Countries in the Caribbean speak the Spanish language in a "Ghetto" way as opposed to Mexicans who speak Spanish in a Clear and understandable way.

Can someone explain why people say this?


  1. because that is their dialect characteristic. mexicans have many spanish dialects withint their country (im mexican) but the northern accent is prefered.

    Mortal maN
  2. Well my friend is Mexican and she said Puerto Ricans are hard to understand because they speak a lot faster, have different slang and accent.

    Shadow :-)
  3. Actually… The Spanish spoken in Mexico is different compared to the Spanish spoken in Spain. It also uses slang and added on/take out letters. Every Spanish speaking area has it’s own dialect, but to say Puerto Rican (Spanish) is ghetto compared to Mexican (Spanish) is incorrect.


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