Why do ppl think in order to be mexican you have to be dark and speak spanish?

So I’m just really annoyed because my cousin and i are really close but im more of a brown color and she is pretty fair. When we tell ppl that we are cousins they don’t believe us because im brown and she
is lighter skin color than me. They say she is not mexican because "she is white and doesn’t speak spanish". I tell them im mexican and i can’t speak spanish either, they say "but your brown".
It’s not like she is mixed both her parents are mexican, her mom is as dark as me and her dad is light skinned but still mexican. She just came out light like her dad, we can not
control genetics.
I try to tell ppl that you do not have to be brown or be able to speak spanish in
order to be mexican but they just ignore my comments.
It just gets irritating and annoying for both of us, guess that
people think if your not brown or speak spanish then you are not mexican.
Oh well, guess we well just have to get use to it.


  1. I have the same problem as your cousin, I have very dark hair and eyes but my skin is verrrrrryyyy white and I cannot speak Spanish. When I tell people I’m Mexican, people kind of freak out. I’ve heard I look Greek, Chineese, White, Italian and so many others…..but in all honesty im 100% Mexican.

    Why do people think your not Mexican if you dont "look like it"? The same reason they probably dont think some one is an African-American if their skin is not black, they are used to sterotypes and when someone breaks that sterotype it blows their mind. Really there isnt too much you can do about it :/ you could get mad and tell people off, thats really not gonna do anything. I would suggest just making jokes or laughing it off. Be proud of your heritage! I am….even if no one can tell what it is by looking at me 🙂

    jodie gerhardt
  2. I’m fair,
    and people didn’t believe my mother
    (who is of darker complexion) was my biological mother.
    It’s all a stereo type sadly.
    Not all asians speak their native languages,
    not all mexicans speak spanish.
    I personally do speak spanish,
    but I know not all of us do.
    Even some mexicans get mad when their own kind don’t speak spanish.
    People used to call me cracker until I busted out by spanish skills lol
    But yeah they judge by appearance and they stereotype.

    Kitty Cannibal
  3. Mexicans are citizens of Mexico, unless you are a citizen of Mexico, then you aren’t a Mexican you are an American. Most Mexicans are native american and not white, so that is why there is confusion. I also have a cousin who is of Mexican ancestry and she looks full white.

    Pedro III

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