Why do so many Mexicans refuse to learn English when they move here?

I would learn Spanish if I went to Mexico, so what’s wrong with them? We even offer free classes and they don’t bother. So we have to put everything in Spanish.


  1. Because, thanks to being politically correct, we cater to them to the point of having ATM’s ask if you want Spanish or English (in that order) here in Northern Vermont. Come on, how many damn Mexicans are up here, but I still have to go through the question?

    When you don’t have to do something, you usually don’t do it, which is why they aren’t learning English.

  2. They probably don’t have enough time to split work and getting an education in English. To be realistic, I don’t think that many of them come here to learn English, they’re mostly here to get jobs that Americans don’t want.

  3. ….. Got a source on that? Because I don’t believe it. Do you realize these people risked their lives crossing a wilderness desert for days on foot to get here? And many of them die. Do you have any idea how desperate you’d have to be to do that? Think. Care about others. Look deeper.

  4. There are 32 million people of Mexican heritage not counting the 12 million or so estimate of illegal Mexican immigrants that live in America. They don’t need to learn English when there are so many Spanish speakers.


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