Why do so many racists like Mexican food?

I’ve always wondered, all the people who’re anti mexican or latino seem to just love Mexican food, and often Corona! I’ve never understood this. Why would they talk negatively about Mexicans or Latinos as a whole, then run on over to Chipotle! Are most so called racists just fake? You claim not to like a people, then want to enjoy their food, which is made by them, then served to you!


  1. Because Mexican food is DELICIOUS! Ok, I’m not a racist, but I imagine Mexican food has universal appeal. Chease, quacamole, rice, beans, meat…all hot and savory (nom!). Who wouldn’t like that?

    Anyway, I was talking about a similar thing the other day. ALL racism is wrong. But did you ever notice how lots of people have figured out that it isn’t nice to hate on black races and Jews….but those same people will turn around and be sh!tty to Mexicans and Chinese people.

    Heheh. From what I know of Mexican culture, I like it. Stay up late, eat good food, take naps in the daytime, love your family openly, and laugh loud. I can’t handle real Mexican salsa, tho….it makes me cry!

  2. I agree with you on that. I wonder the same of people who go down to spring break in Cancun and all that crap, or people who listen to rap/hip-hop music (but dislike blacks) or enjoy a priviledge or technology made by a European person (or society) yet hate and despite white people.

    I embrace people of all kinds, and most Mexicans I’ve come across (both foreign-born and Chicano) are pretty nice people. (And I can’t be anti-latino since I’m half Puerto Rican myself). 🙂 And I love Mexican food AND the culture (and people). People who don’t need to realize there’s good and bad in everyone and in all cultures (negative stereotypes exist in all kinds).

    Haters are going to hate.

    Prince le0 (CL)
  3. The food is not racist. It’s Food. Just spices and stuff. it’s just dam good.
    Only humans can be racists. Racism is a mind set against our neighbors. It’s pure ignorance ..
    Food is food.
    I eat all foods from every nationality. What’s that make me.
    I do it to just fill my belly and like what I eat..


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