Why do some Mexicans consider Americans to be lazy when they don't even want to learn English?

I could never figure this one out. Some Mexicans consider Americans lazy, but they don’t even have the mere will power to learn the language of the country they are illegally in. It seems that everywhere I go, I see a Mexican that doesn’t want to speak English. Am I the only one that thinks these people really need to wake up and smell the coffee?


  1. It’s a mixture of so many different factors.
    If some people say that, they must be refering to physical labor in all honesty.
    Not to say that American don’t do strenuous physical labor as well, but these Mexicans are working for Americans, many White, who leave the physical labor to them..
    And in term of not learning english.. it’s not that they don’t want to, but it depends on their life though right?
    If they’re blue collar and they’re working around other blue collar mexicans and/or they really only socialize with their family and they’re making it with barely knowing English, it’s hard to be motivated.. I don’t doubt, they’d love to instantly know English as it would make lives easier, but also if they’re working away and surviving and still being immersed in their Mexican neighborhoods and/or culture, it’s hard to ‘find the time’ and especially the motivation.

    To be honest, alot of people may find it difficult to go back to school etc, alot of people learn the language or more of it through communicating with the people who speak the language.

  2. Perhaps they look at Americans as lazy because Americans have high standards and Mexicans will work for pennies, which is one reason they are such hard workers. I won’t call them illegals but it would be nice for people to learn the damn language when they come here.

  3. If they are paying their taxes then what’s it to you – it’s not like someone like you would have anything nice to say to them in English anyway.

  4. Who do you think is more willing to clean a toilet a Mexican or an American? before the economy crashed not even poor Americans wanted to do manual hard labor that the Mexicans do best and now you Americans are complaining about them "takin yer jerbs" when you dont even want the jobs they have. learning a new language is difficult, especially if you’re older and arent well educated.

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