Why does Hussein Obama think it's OK for the Taliban to chop off heads, but not Mexican drug cartels?

He is going to beef up border security because the Mexican drugs cartels have started chopping peoples heads off. But he wants to talk to the Taliban who have been chopping peoples heads off. What is the difference?
"Moderate" Taliban members? Is that a joke? They are holding a Canadian journalist for ransom and threatening to cut her head off right now!


  1. Isn’t he the CinC who increased troop levels in Afghanistan? Proper counter-insurgency works to peel people away, not alienate them. Sometimes you talk to people who make you want to shower after but you talk to them. Even if the talks don’t work, it still shows the local population you were willing to talk before you stomp the crap out of the Taliban. The other trick is to minimize civilian casualties, improve their lives, treat them respectfully & honor local customs. Make them feel secure, as well.

  2. The difference is that the Taliban as been doing less head-chopping lately while the Mexican drug cartels have been doing more. Obama doesn’t think head-chopping is OK with anyone; he only wants to talk with the more moderate members of the Taliban, the ones that don’t do head-choppings.

    Mercer Devil
  3. the difference is that simple minded people make questions that’s answers are far more complex than those same simple minded people to comprehend

    Big and Tasty
  4. Obama never said he was in favor of this. The Taliban isn’t coming over the Mexican border. Nor is the government of Iran asking for our help. Apples and Oranges. Try again.

    Marcia B
  5. The following is an automated response: If you are recieving this message it is because you are not intelligent enough for me to take the time to explain. You obviously have no clue what is going on and should further educate yourself before posting dumbass questions on Yahoo. Thank you.

    Double R
  6. Oh my gosh, you used Obama’s middle name, which is common in the Middle East. And because some entirely different person who did some bad things ALSO had that name, they must secretly be the same bad guy, right?
    I bet your last name is McVeigh, so you like to bomb things in Oklahoma. Or maybe your first name is Charles which, of course, means you like to kill people with your cult of young women, hide out in Death Valley and wait for Helter Skelter.

    Biff H
  7. "The Taliban" is not one huge group–we made that mistake in Vietnam. There are sightly more moderate parts (NOT Pashtun) who might listen to reason. Obama is trying to drive a wedge in the overall Taliban groups–which would help the US and everyone else. So to which "they" are you referring?

    Bush (or Walker Bush since you like middle names) should have been stopping the Mexican Mafia for the past five years instead of building a symbolic fence that stops hardly anyone as the drug cartels go UNDER the fence.

    Anna P
  8. You start out with a problem in the first half of your question. Got any evidence that Obama thinks it’s OK to chop off heads? Other than right wing radio, of course. Then there’s the fact that he’s not beefing up security because of beheadings, but because of kidnappings, execution style shootings, etc. Last I heard, five people had been beheaded. More than 2000 have been killed by the cartels in this year, on both sides of the border.

    What you seem to be unable to grasp is that there ARE moderate Taliban members. I know it’s more comfortable to believe all are rabid, drooling demons, but some of them actually want to find some level of reasonable coexistence. If we give those people power by negotiating with them, they will be able to wipe out the radicals. Or we can continue to deal with them as we have for the last 20 years, after all, it’s worked so well!

  9. The simplistic notion that Taliban = Bad is not correct. There are members of the Taliban who have been friendly to some American overtures. Many of them ended up in Gitmo – good for Bush, but not good for the US.

    One way to bring about peace is, and this is SO surprising!, MAKE PEACE with your ENEMIES!

    Yes, some Taliban may never give up their anti-US leanings. But, by appealing to our common goals, Obama might be able to reduce support for the militant anti-Americans. Enough so that we will, in a few years, be far safer than we were before 9-11.

    Eliot K
  10. Libs are okay with anyone else’s business as long as it doesn’t concern them. But with the borders of Mexico in such chaos, he’s really just trying to protect the votes for 2010. Imagine how much more in the trash Obama’s popularity will be when the first U.S. citizen casualties are realized because of drug traffickers.

    Obama, the Tard

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