Why doesnt the mexican gov keep its own immigrants from crossing illegaly?

why is it that the US is putting the wall but their not.. i hate how both of the pres candidates talk about making this nation more spanish literate… why cant they just stay on their own poor damn country.. why cant the us gov just let the mexican gov fix their own damn problem so we can focus on our own…
"It’s a myth that without illegal, prices would go up"

best statement chuggs


  1. Always remember, low wages do not keep prices low, they keep Farm owners and restaurant owners rich.

    It’s a myth that without illegal, prices would go up. Don’t believe the hype, it’s used by illegal supporters to justify illegal invasion.

  2. alot of money from the u.s. is sent to mexico by people that live here, wheather they are legal or illegal.
    therefore mexico WANTS people to come to the u.s.
    it helps their economy

  3. Because then you would pay at least triple of what you do when you go to the market or dinner. It is simple economics, low wages keeps prices down. If you are not happy with these "illegals" this is what you do. Next time you go to the market or out to dinner, when the bill comes act offended and tell the waitress or cashier, " how dare you charge me so little, I demand to pay triple that amount because I am anti-illegal immigration and I refuse to be a hypocrite and benefit in any way from their labor". Try it.

  4. The Mexican govt is quite happy to export their poor and illiterate to the US for

    a) us to take care of (education/healthcare)with our tax dollar while they get paid in cash and
    b) send big portions of that cash back to Mexico.

    Dirty(er) Martini
  5. Why wasn’t Christopher Columbus " who was a thief" stopped from coming or why weren’t the english stopped from coming here too or the people buying African americans and bringing them here as slaves. Wait I hope your not from the west coast part of it was Mexico.

  6. Less people they have to worry about amidst a sea of horribly impoverished people. All the illegals send money home to their families that live in horrible poverty. They exploit our country for money, but dont have much of an effect on our economy, they’re literally a blip on the radar.

  7. There is no law in Mexico that can be enforced to prevent a Mexican citizen from leaving his country. Ilegal immigration to the US is not Mexico’s problem.


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