Why don't Mexican high school students have to learn English?

we have to take two foreighn languages to graduate at my school
I suppose we don’t have to learn Spanish but it’s the obvious choice. How often would I use French? (don’t answer that)


  1. Uhm… Mexican high school students DO have to learn English. If they do not know any English they are automatically placed in a program that helps them learn English at their own pace.
    If they don’t use it outside of the classroom is another thing.

  2. In many states the Spanish and Mexican students are required to have a level of English language that will allow them to communicate and understand what is going on in a normal level of high school classes in America. You’ll find that they’ll be required to take ESL (English as a Second Language) courses as their electives while taking regular classes to improve their English as they continue on in their classes. A few states are now passing propositions, I think Arizona was one of them, that officially declares English as the primary language and that no forms can be written with spanish on them requiring many of the Spanish and Mexican people to know how to read and write in English.

    Hope that Helps.

    Jessie A
  3. It’s a very hot topic. Officially, the US does not have an official language… so we can’t legislate people to learn it.
    Other countries have official languages..but the US being the "melting pot" of all nations doesn’t

    Someone can correct me if this status has changed recently.

    Anyways.. I bet some groups oppose any law requiring it saying that it will create discrimination against foreigners…or something like that.

    John S
  4. I presume you are talking about Mexican students in the United States. You got some good answers about that. I just want to add that I am an American living in Mexico and quite familiar with many Mexican schools. English is a required subject for all students from at least 6th grade on. The problem is, the teachers are often not very fluent with spoken English. The emphasis is on written English and translation, so many students do not speak English well. I remember the same being true when I took Spanish in high school in the United States.

  5. I am a Mexican man , and i have studied english since i had 7 years old in my catholic school, in Coahuila state . Now i have 29 years old and it was very useful for me. i know still i need more practice.

    Yo soy mexicano y he estudiado inglés desde primaria en el colegio católico del estado de Coahuila. Cuendo empecé a estudiar inglés yo tenía 7 años de edad y ahora que tengo 29 me ha sido muy útil la enseñanza, para mí haber tomado el inglés desde temprano ha sido una gran base, incluso yo quiero que mis hijos se enseñen hablar inglés desde temprano. saludos a todos.


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