Why dont mexicans learn english before coming to america?

illegal or not wont it be more practical to learn the countries primary language before moving there
if you were moving to mexico you’d learn some spanish


  1. well the first problem with this is that the United States itself has no official language. that is a mess up on our part. English is our de facto language.

    i think there needs to be a decision made about this, and we need to enforce it. millions of people have come to the United States and have learned the language why cant mexicans?

    in response to another answerer, you say Mind you Business but when you have to deal with someone that doesnt speak English its very difficult to communicate none the less help them. its nearly impossible to figure out what they are saying. i work in a store and ive dealt with people that dont speak english that have been here for 15 or more years!, you tell me they havent had the oppotunity to learn how to speak English?

    i love culture. i really do. i like that America has a mix of different groups. the problem is, we are the only country in the world who caters to everybody. we try to make everyone happy and it doesnt work.

    its sad when the many spanish people (i live in south FL. there are lots of spanish people)i work around tell me that they do understand how other spanish people havent learned English. its even aggrivating to them.

    to say that learning English would strip you of your culture is a lame excuse and anyone that facilitates that is just enabling laziness.

    the real problem is that we as Americans need to fix this and we havent. we talk about it but nothing happens. we dont l ike Mexicans working here but yet people pay them to work for less than minimum wage. we want the official language to be English but we make students take 2 years of a foreign language in high school. we pay people more for being bi-lingual.

    so basically we want something to happen but unfortunately we have done everything else to discourage a change from happening.

    so the overall answer to your question is: the United States is an enabler of laziness and cheap labor. therfore Mexicans wont learn English because there is nothing making them do it.

    David H
  2. My guess would be laziness.

    Why is it that everyone who came here from Europe from places like Germany, etc. way back around the 1900’s learned English but the Mexicans of today can’t?

  3. It would be very good if they did , but maybe there isn’t very many reliable English teachers in Mexico .What annoys me is the foreigners that have lived here for over 5 years and STILL barely know any English…I mean c’mon .

  4. that’s a big generalization, lets not forget how your ancestors forced everything on them aswell, taking their lands, forcing the natives that were left here to learn english, why didnt any of you learned the natives language? all of you whine so much but i guess karma is a bytch huh

  5. Lets not generalize. Mexicans who come to live in the US legally do learn english.

    I’m from France and have been living in the US for over 5 years now, but I find it totally irresponsible and ignorant not to learn the language of the country you’re moving to

  6. Desperation to flee poverty and drug cartel violence is most likely the reason. I think if America wants to invade a 3rd world nation, it should be Mexico. The government is corrupt, and recently 12 reporters were killed for covering the drug violence. So many reporters remain silent on the drug killings. If the U.S. wants to do something good with all of their power it would be best to fix Mexico. Then the people could move back to their homeland and not have to face all of the poverty and violence. But the American government is more worried about freeing 3rd world nations which contain oil, and opium fields.

  7. maybe idk because they didnt feel like it. I visit puerto rico but I dont know spanish like wth why do other people come here and not know english MIND YOUR BUISNESS.

  8. I’m not sure. I’ve struggled with this myself. Both sides of my family are made up of recent immigrants to the United States, and everyone speaks English well. Laziness is definitely a factor but a lot of illegal immigrants I’ve met from Mexico actually refuse to learn English because they see it as becoming stripped of (their) culture, or something. If they hate the United States so much, perhaps they should seek residence elsewhere.

  9. Do you honestly think Mexicans speaking English will lessen the bitter prejudice against them ?

    If they started speaking English – Americans will push for a law that bans non Americans from speaking English.

    Americans are backwards like that when it comes to foreigners and minorities.



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