why dont mexicans learn english if they want to be in the U.S?

if all immigrants learned english. assimilated into our society and blended with our culture we would have no issues, but the damn people want to fly their own flag in our country. Grounds for treason/hanging not too long ago.
*** i am all for anyone immigrating who i can speak with, and whom shares the pride of being an american. thats it, is that too hard to figure out?


  1. Because they know they don’t need to speak it to have a job here. They can just do manual labor.

    I’m actually mexican-american, currently learning to speak spanish. If you didn’t know, there’s a really small prejudice from Mexican nationals against mexican-americans that aren’t fluent in Spanish; they look at them as punks or "pochos" (white-washed).

    There’s nothing more annoying than a Mexican IMMIGRATING to the U.S. and mocking me for not speaking THEIR language.

  2. They want all the free stuff but want to give up nothing in return. My grandfather was an immigrant and he told me many times that he was so proud to be an American that he went to night school to learn English while working to support his family.

    Do any of today’s immigrants want to be real Americans? No.

    Tenth Amend
  3. Part of the reason Hispanics don’t learn English is because they don’t have to. It is not required to live in the USA.
    Sadly enough, the US has NO OFFICAL LANGUAGE so the US government prints everything in Spanish for them. If you check your grocery labels, instruction manuals or if you call your bank you can press 1 for English.

    They also enjoy displaying their loyalty to the country they abandoned because they are proud to be Mexicans.

    Ever been to Miami? You would think you are in Cuba, Mexico, Guatemala, etc. Nobody speaks English there or in many parts of Californa also.

  4. Some do. Many of the ones that I’ve met that don’t are just arrogant, and in their arrogance expect to be waited upon by a Spanish speaker and throw a fit if one isn’t provided.

  5. Why don’t people who live here learn how to properly spell American and English? English is not a national language for starters. If you ventured outside your little bubble you’d realize that there is a lot more diversity in the country than in your little suburb.

  6. A sizeable number of Mexicans/Hispanics don’t need to learn appropriate English, because they live in a parallel society, where Spanish is the dominant language. Many cities in the South-Western U.S. have a Hispanic majority. Hence, José and María can go to the Mexican grocery store, to the Salvadorian bakery or to any Spanish-speaking doctor.


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