1. i agree with astro fan 100%.i thought it was the law until i fount out my mexican friend’s mom’s didn’t know how to speak english and have been in the country for over a decade(i think they’re illegal but i never had the nerve to ask)

    (name has been deleted)
  2. some do. but some dont and its their fault. mexicans dont have it easy in america just because they dont have to speak english. im sure they have it quite hard. but its usually their own faults

    Hunny is a G
  3. I mean if English is your second language , more than likely your comfortable in speaking in your native tongue. I mean why do Chinese immigrants change their names to American name when they come over to work , and why cant learn how to speak english when they live in USA . IF your going to point out one group you need to point out alot because USA IS a big melting pot of people and continue to get immigrants every single day from RUSSIA , CHINA , AFRICAN INDIA.

    ashley w
  4. Excuse me!?
    I dont know if im being over sensitive here because im mexican but i think that’s such a rude, stupid thing to ask.
    My family has lived in USA all of their lives and they know english all right, and so do I, so you don’t have to generalize.
    Most people do try to learn english, and if they can’t its because they are working all day, doing things americans wouldn’t or couldn’t do!
    and why does it bother you?
    why do american people feel like english its the one and only language, and they never bother to learn anything else???? Now, that’s something id like to know. people from europe usually know 3 or 4 languages.

  5. They come to america for an easier life, and often find it harder. Learning a language when you are older is hard, also there is a lot of racism that most of them do not deserve.

  6. Some people took offense at this question…and I don’t understand why. If I decided to move to Italy, I would assume that I needed to learn the language…and maybe carry a phrase book until I did. Since English is the "official" language of this country, why would we not expect that people at least make an effort to be able to communicate. When we went to Mexico a few years ago, I spent months brushing up on my spanish, and we brought a phrase book with us. We did not expect everyone we came in contact with to be able to speak English, or provide a translator. And, indeed, as one answer said, some Europeans speak more than 2 languages…that is because in Europe you can travel a couple of hundred miles and be in another country with a totally different language. In the U.S. we are cut off from any country with a different language, except for Mexico…and some of our states are larger than some European countries. When they go on vacation they can drive to another country…hence it is more accessible to people who do not have a lot of money. For Americans to travel to another country requires a lot of money – hence many Americans have never been outside the U.S.

  7. Learn the language or move. Every other immigrant group in the past 200+ years did, including both sides of my family. They worked 18 hours a day and were fluent in english when they died.

    new orleanian

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