Why don't Mexicans learn to speak the language when they come here?

In America we speak American not Mexican!
dfresh, we don’t speak that gay english! we aren’t from urope we are more smarter than that!


  1. Don’t ever, EVER, travel to another country unless you know the language fluently.

    Which means don’t ever travel to another country — because you ain’t gonna study nothin’.

    Pluto C. Rat
  2. I don’t speak American. Only a few people do. Most of them live on reservations. We English-speakers basically slaughtered the rest of them.

    And by the way, it appears that your command of English is pretty weak.

    Democrat with Backbone
  3. Because we enable them by providing everything in both Spanish and English. They claim to love America but wave their Mexican flag and never learn English.

  4. they don’t speak mexican, they speak spanish, and some learn to speak english and other languages here in america, its not easy to learn english, its actually one of the hardest languages to learn how to speak. the closest thing is german/Deutsch aka western germanic

    B X
  5. Well actually, if you look at the history of the Southwest and West Coast, this being everything from Texas to southern Cali.

    Mexicans, have been there LONG before the Americans came. Only people who have stuck around longer than the Mexicans are the Natives.

    So, actually, demanding Hispanics who have always lived in Arizona or New Mexico to follow your cultural ways is nothing less than bigoted. Especially when your the new comer.

  6. This person is giving Americans a bad name, and if your white your most likely to come from Europe, basically were all immigrant’s, save Native Americans. GET OVER YOUR SELF.

    lois lane

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