Why is it so much to ask of specifically Mexican immigrants to learn English?

Many of the Mexicans in American are illegal and they should not even be here and they are breaking the law, so why are we accommodating their language? The more we do this the lazier they have to be. In the late 1800s and early 1900s many non-English speaking immigrants, from Asia and Europe, came to the U.S. and they learned English because that is our language that we speak in America, not Spanish. I think that these immigrants who want to be here so badly and break our laws, use our country’s services (schools, welfare etc) could at LEAST show our country a little bit of respect by learning our language. Why is that so much to ask, I mean it is not like they have to learn English and were formerly speaking Chinese. Spanish and English are very similar so why is it so much to ask for them to just learn to speak English.
gopher…I know Spanish. I took it for 4 years, but it is not the language of America
Stony I never said the were lazy but they are being lazy by refusing to learn English, most of the European and Asian immigrants who came here in the 1800s and 1900s learned English as quickly as possible. Why not the Mexicans?


  1. companies and politicians are more interesting in making a buck/getting a vote then to try to keep the English language tradition of this country. it’s called pandering.

    jack spicer
  2. I think anyone who comes to this country should learn English.

    This was the standard when America was taking on a lot more immigrants. There’s really no good reason to change that.

  3. In a way I agree with you, yet another part of me holds back. Indeed if they want to be here, they should learn the language, but yet some of them truly have a hard time learning the language, others like to keep their heritage. I just guess I sympathize with them a little, I’m kinda straddling the fence on this issue in life.

  4. most young immigrants do learn english eventually, most older ones dont, its not so much to do with where they come from

    of course bush has let in so many mexicans and cubans they have no reason to learn english if they stay in thier own communities

  5. Wow a thoughtful intelligent question from someone I don’t expect that from(sorry).

    Its not too much to ask. It is too much that my children are being indoctrinated in the assimilation to Meximerica by being forced to listen to Spanish language instruction on Sesame Street and every other information outlet. It is too much that the instructions to put anything together are Spanish first English second. It is an abomination that English-speaking people are becoming second-class citizens in a nation that was founded with English.

  6. One of the requirements for citizenship should be learning and passing an english exam knowing atleast general english words.

    I was just watching tv the other night and saw the Democratic Debate on a spanish channel in spanish, it made me sick.

  7. As you read through so may of the postings on this and similar sites, don’t you wonder how so many Americans apparently didn’t learn English? Let’s first worry about making Americans literate and then we can concentrate on immigrants.

  8. Why isn’t it mandatory for us to take a second language in school?

    I’m not saying they shouldn’t learn our language, but it sure makes our education system vulnerable when we only know one language and the rest of the performers on the global, worldwide stage are taught multiple languages at a young age.

    I’m not saying we need to accommodate, but have you thought about learning another language?

  9. Historically, immigrants have only learned basic English and primarily used their native language (this was true of Italians, Germans, Russians, etc.). Their children, however, become fluent in English and their native language. Their grandchildren only speak English.

    In today’s world we try to accommodate immigrants by having documents in their native language and translators available to them. 100 years ago immigrants had to depend on their children to translate for them. Our society has become more sensitive to the needs of others.

  10. All Hispanics are not Mexicans. Many nationalities come to this country illegally, its just easier to spot a Hispanic person.

    Many Nationalities come to this country and can’t speak or have difficulty speaking English. Some older people never do. I know some personally that are Japanese and Chinese.

    Not all Hispanics are illegals. Many Hispanics are very hard working and are not lazy. Many Hispanics are not on wealfair.

    If you go to Hawaii the road signs are in English and Japanese.

    Have some tolerance, this is the country that welcomes all and in this way we are stronger.

  11. Have you noticed that its businesses that are doing it?
    They want cheap labor. If they weren’t getting jobs then they wouldn’t be here. They are desperate and poor. I suspect they are also badly educated, if at all.
    It’s an everybody’s problem and apparently we have been seriously slacking. We need massive protests if we want the hope of change.

  12. Although I agree that we should not condone or allow illegal immigration, some of your facts are muddied. First, Spanish and English are not similar. Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn while English is one of the most difficult. Characterizing them as lazy is indicative of a lack of experience and familiarity with Hispanic people. I taught English to hundreds of Hispanic immigrants in NYC for several years and they were as hard working as any of my other students. They are not lazy and only lazy minds think otherwise.

    EDIT: You wrote above: "The more we do this the lazier they have to be." That statement implies that they are already lazy. Otherwise, they couldn’t get laziER. So yes, you DID call them lazy. Perhaps before criticizing their English skills, you should improve your own.

  13. I once dated a woman who came here illegally and took advantage of amnesty. She was required to learn English to gain citizenship. Mexicans who don’t speak English are almost always illegal. Also, most Mexican men who are here illegally speak English since it’s taught in Mexican schools. However, they return to Mexico to find a "wife" and bring her here illegally, though they don’t legally marry them, and they don’t allow their "wives" to learn English, or to drive cars either. They practically own their wives, keeping them as slaves. These very young women are completely dependent upon these men. Congress passed laws allowing women in this situation to gain citizenship. Theoretically, however, the law says these Mexican men should be arrested for smuggling illegal aliens into the country.

    English should be mandatory, and the private sector shouldn’t be pandering to spanish speakers. It kills their motivation to learn English.

  14. Actually, you are wrong. They tend to learn English at the same rates the European immigrants did in the 1800’s and early 1900’s. Read the link.

    Ryan G
  15. I have no problem with mexicans. I know their going through a whole lot of stuff in general but than again so is EVERYONE ELSE. I dont agree that immigrants should illegally come here and than expect all this free stuff and feel that it should be handed to them. They want to sit there and have a class full of babies and expect welfare automatically,come on?. I’m not racist or anything because I can’t stand some of the lazy ass Latinos and African-Americans, some whites,asians and so on too but around my area mostly latino and african-american who want to pop out babies or give up on school and expect section aide and welfare, come on get it together seriously. And another thing I HATE SPANISH CLASS, I live in the damn United States why the hell I want to learn spanish? I bet if we go to their country they aint teaching ENGLISH.


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