Why is it that everyone classifies me as Mexican?

I’m a native-born Peruvian. I have brown eyes, brown hair, and tan skin. My family speaks Spanish. Here in Colorado, everyone automatically presumes I’m Mexican. "Oh, she’s brown and speaks Spanish, she MUST be Mexican." Frankly, it’s a bit annoying.

Does this ever happen to any of you guys?Any Canadians, South Americans, dark-skinned people had any similar experiences?


  1. Yup, I live in Canada but I’m African and people always think I’m either Central American or Arab. It’s annoying because I’m proud of where I come from and if people never seem to bother to ask where I’m from. They give me an option, "are you like…Arab or like from… like Cental like… America?
    Forget them though, they are just ignorant.

    Queen ZaRa
  2. Most of the native Spanish speakers, in the US, are Mexicans. Most Mexicans and Peruvians share a similar racial make up. Which is Spanish and Native. I guess most people that look similar to you are Mexicans.

  3. lol been through that a lot myself, for I also have brown hair,eyes and tanned skin but I’m biracial German,black and native American and don’t have a drop of Spanish blood in me that I know of. Even here in Canada you would get the same thing but people would ask are you Spanish not so much Mexican until you said yes I am Spanish then get ready for what part of Mexico are you from. But the fact is that I get it a lot from both Whites,Blacks and Spanish people so the most you can do is let that go out one ear and out the other or try and take it as a complement.

    sinful mizery
  4. well let me see im biracial black white and hispanic and ive gotten mistaken for many ethnic backgrounds i guess its a stereotype they see your skin color first which is sad ive never been called biracial it either full mexican which i do have some ,Italian,Indian,native american,filipino,cuban,and dominican and the list can go on its too bad they don’t see you as a person and by classifying someone don’t worry just be glad to tell them about your beautiful culture that’s what i do good luck


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