Why is it that Mexicans refuse to learn English?

Serious, starting to bug me. they refuse to learn English. How do they read street signs and food stamp instructions?


  1. Drew Carrey is HILARIOUS…the price is wrong dork.

    Ok herei’s the deal, they don’t learn the language because they don’t have to. As long as the government and their programs cater to them they will continue to not have to learn the language, if you could go somewhere, live a better lifestyle, & mooch wouldn’t you.

    Arizona SO has it right.

    Idaho Mom
  2. Actually, they don’t refuse to learn, most try to. However, English is one of the hardest languages to learn, grammatically speaking. If your referring to the fact there are so many services for Spanish speakers, that would be due to the largest immigrant population in the States come from Hispanic world.

    As for hearing people on the street speaking Spanish, I very much doubt you would only speak to your family and friends in the local language just because of your local.

  3. it`s not that they refuse, the illegal mexicans who have crossed the borders don`t have any education hence can only speak Spanish, i bet the educated mexicans who go to the US on vacation do speak English, i really don`t get why americans are so fed up with Spanish being spoken in the states, whats so bad about a country becoming bilingual?? i think it has to be the one country where people refuse to learn another one so bluntly and i do not by any means think that English is a very hard language to learn, it`s curious how only English native speakers say so.. English doesn`t conjugate verbs for instance, that makes it really easy, the plurals are formed with an s, English doesn`t have genders everything is a "the", but i do agree that it has a ridiculously hard pronunciation.

  4. Learning any language gets harder as you age. Also, Mexicans hang out with spanish speakers and there are a lot of spanish speakers in America so they don’t really have to. Also, they are "proud" of their culture.

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