1. It’s called stereotyping. Stereotypes are typically true for the majority of people they describe. If the majority of Mexican’s spoke English in the US there wouldn’t be a need to print instructions, advertisements, and label warnings in Mexican. — If you’re illegal, go home- your ruining the reputation of latinos that want to be here and WANT to be American.

  2. because they walk around speaking spanish

    it’s a dead give away when you say hello, some stare at you, say nothing and give a nervous laugh as if you’re going to deport them.

  3. No offense but the answer is kind of in your question.

    But seriously it has more to do with when you might start talking to someone and they are unable to respond in coherent English you tend to get the hint they don’t speak fluent English.

    Also the "no-a espeeka english" response when you try to say something to someone is a hint.

  4. because they dont speak it in public and cmon… mexicans. when ppl here the word mexican they assume mexican immigrants that dont know anything i mean i personally hate that too (im hispanic{ not mexican, a mexican comes directly form mexico} my grandparents r mexican) but oh well what r u gonna do??


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