Why Mexicans?

Why is it that whenever someone talks about immigration, they go straight to the bias and say Mexicans. Last time I checked there are immigrants from asia, india, europe, colombia, guatemala, honduras, venezuela, argentina, peru, and so many other countries. Just because someone speaks a form of spanish because believe it or not every country speaks spanish differently with a whole different vocabulary, you all say Mexican. Mexicans don’t call you British because you speak English so why call latinos Mexican becuase they speak Spanish?

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  1. Becuase people are ignorant, and just assume Latin folk are all Mexican. Truthfully alot of immigrants are, no offence at all. My girlfriend of 4 years is from Colombia.

  2. I am hispanic and live in Texas. I believe the reason for everyone to assume mexicans is because there are so many Mexicans crossing the borders successfully. In a few years it is estimated that hispanics will be the new majority; no longer the minority. With such a huge population of Mexicans it’s easy to see why the bias. I think everyone realizes that this country is full of immigrants from all aspect of the world, but I can’t think of any state that is primarily hispanic such as california, texas, new mexico, arizona…..

  3. I honestly have no problem at all with LEGAL immigration, right now the biggest leak we have is the border between the US and Mexico…so it makes the news more often than the other countries you speak of. I think it is a source of many people entering our country Illegally which in this day and age poses a big security risk. I think you are correct in making the point of the many sources of Illegal immigrants. I think a country has to have some sort of control over it’s borders to prevent anarchy and preserve law and order.

  4. I always believed that only Spain spoke true Spanish with Mexico speaking a kinda slag version of it kinda like Americans don’t speak real English where Britain and England do Americans speak the slang version of English and depending on where in America you are it changes..

    They go straight to Mexicans because right now that is where many see the problem to be with the illegal ones crossing over it is the illegal ones they have a problem with.

  5. Because most of people are ignorance and they don’t know that there is more to this world than America i.e. South America.
    It is more command to say mexican because Mexico is right down south of this country and I would say that the most immigrants after Asian. I may be wrong about the statistic.
    Those people just need to be educated. And maybe you could start by explaining it, just what I’m doing.

  6. I think the main reason behind this missunderstaing is this the most people of USA and Canada do not know anyother country which speaks spanish and the number of immigrants from Mexico is large. these are the two main reasons…..

  7. 2. the majority of illegals are Mexican. to me, immigrant is a legal immigrant. if there not here legally, they need to do something to be legal. and reporting some one just get’s there answer removed. that’s all.

    janet w
  8. You say that this happens "whenever" someone talks about immigration. This is not true. Mexicans do get brought up quite often, but not exclusively.

    On a logical note: they do make up an overwhelming majority of the illegal aliens in this nation, so they must be addressed. Not to mention that they shone the spot light right on themselves by marching with Mexican flags. If they had not done that, the focus would be more widely spread out to all ethnicity’s/nationalities.

  9. Mexican nationals make up 57% of the illegal population. The rallies did not help. What flag was seen most waved? The Mexican flag. What country has the audacity to say it’s people have the right to be in the U.S illegally? Mexico. I see no other countries so voracious in the attempt to unload their undesirables. Mexico and Mexicans, in large part, have created their own negative press. And yes, a wide variety of people speak Spanish. But it is Mexican people who have spotlighted themselves on this issue. Actually, I have been called British and told to go back to Europe. Go figure since I am not even white.
    So, it looks like you also have some preconceived notions as well.

  10. I agree! I teach English as a second language, and some of the ladies I work with are convinced they are all from Mexico, the truth is my students are from several Spanish speaking countries.
    It doesn’t stop there, they think all my Asian students must be from Korea…go figure?
    Actually, the only group that they seem to know exactly where students hail from is eastern Europian countries.
    The real question should be: Why does it matter where your from or what language you speak? Last time I checked we all were human and have the same basic right to exist and communicate!

    kenna w
  11. I agree with you. This world only seems to focus on the mexican culture and down grade it and I am so tired of hearing about it. Mexicans are good people and i know because I have family who are. People should be greatful to not have to live the life they have to and shouldint judge them unless they really know them.

    kristen e

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