1. My brother used to work with a bunch of mexicans that didn’t speak english and he was the only white person, haha. He said they were pretty cool, though.

  2. Yeah….yeah I would. Why not? I still get paid, and as long as they don’t cause me any trouble I’m cool with that. I could teach them English and they could teach me Spanish (:

    Lily Sugarcane
  3. Yes. I did one summer. I was the boss of all the Mexicans or Guatamalans or whatever the f*ck, and I learned to speak Spanish. Learning Spanish probably doesn’t sound appealing to you, but now I know when Mexicans are talking sh*t about me.

    El Kapitan
  4. My issue wouldn’t be working with the Mexicans, as it would be with those who don’t speak English. I have never worked with Mexicans, but worked with a Korean woman who couldn’t read or speak English, All the rest of us had to do her work for her. She was nice, but couldn’t perform her duties.

    Max Chandler
  5. Why should I care?

    Also use a big M and a big E for Mexican and English respectively.

    That said, Spanish folks need to learn English when in this country for their own good, not ours.

  6. I know how you feel. Its almost a crime. I have had to work around many Filipinos in the past, and Haitians and some Hispanics in the present, who don’t use English while on the job. It makes you feel isolated and alone on the job. Its horrible that Management lets this happen in America. You almost have to learn their language. But you do what you must to stay gainfully employed. Being unemployed is worse

  7. yes i’m puerto rican and mexican and i am bilingual there was a time when i was the only P rican and Mexican in my school surrounded by whites it was kind of uncomfortable because the students assumed that i didn’t speak english so i acted as if i didn’t speak english

  8. sure and have they called me flacco , i meant my soul mate falacita Sanchez , but she moved back to mexico she was a migrate worker that used to come up to entrigan mich to pick apples with her family, her family loved me and well we were young like 15 or 16 i still wonder to this day what ever happened to her , her brother jessy and i well we made lots of trips back and forth accrosed the border yrs later loaded for bear, he ended up getting shot in 1978, i havent seen her in 25 yrs or more now

    I relate to the broken, bleeding heart love killed
  9. I’ve got nothing against Mexicans, but for all I know, they could be talking about putting me in a piñata and beating the cr^p out of me and I’d know nothing.

    Jennifer Smith

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