are the number of illegal immigrants that everyone is talking about only mexican, or are they all?

Does it make any sense that when there are people here from all over the world illegally, and all we can talk about are the Mexican immigrants?


  1. No they are not only Mexican. Mexicans just happen to be the biggest hispanic group, legal or illegal, so they are the standard bearers and scapegoats of immigration debates.

  2. No they are not all Mexican or Hispanic even; for there are many fron Asian nations, some from Europe and Africa as well. The vast majority are from Mexico with south America coming up 2nd.

  3. I get so tired of these people steeling form me! ! I take pictures of these people, and their employees. I am a one man Army!
    Please, I now things are tough in Mexico, but you can’t make America Mexico!

  4. Mexicans are the highest number of ILLEGALS. Close proximity makes this so. but I have to ask America. Do you blame them. How ’bout putting pressure on Mexico’s government so these people won’t need to cross our borders.

    Lotus Phoenix
  5. There are more illegal Mexican immigrants than illegal immigrants from all of the other countries put together. Accordingly, their cultural impact is greater and becomes more self segregated rather than integrated.

    However, the issue is illegal immigration, from wherever.

  6. The majority is Mexican b/c Mexico is closer to the United states, I’m sure if Japan or India were located were Mexico is, then 95% of the illiegal immigrants would be from that country….

  7. stupid people…. by saying that the majority is Mexican, they’re implying that the rest of the illegal Immigrants ( about 50 %) aren’t breaking the law…. So hey, let’s call this dominican a mexican, what about this cambodian,, let’s call him Mexican too..


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