Can a baby learn a language by listening to foreign music or by watching foreign movies?

Let’s say I had a baby. If I were to put headphones on the baby and play Mexican music all day and let it watch Mexican movies while it’s not listening to the music, could the baby learn how to speak Spanish and start speaking to me in Spanish?


  1. Movies, yes. Music, no. When a child watches a movie, there are actions and objects to show what these words mean. Speaking Spanish in person would be much more effective, because you would use expressions and actions to show them the meaning of the words you are saying. When you listen to a song in a foreign language do you understand it? No. Neither will a baby because they have nothing to tell them the meaning of what they are listening to. They might be able to recite something in Spanish for you that they heard, but they will have no idea what they just said. There is a cartoon series you can but called Muzzy that teaches kids foreign languages.

  2. Well of coarse they can if they can talk. They wouldnt understand what it ment though. It is just like it you heard a song you would sing it and know the words.

    Knowit Allmaga
  3. Yes, that’s why they have the kids show "Dora the explorer" my daughter picks up Spanish words an songs all the time that way! It’s really too cool..

  4. i agree with the person above. but to add to their comments babies learn language best by being spoken to, not by watching people speak on tv (it happens to quickly for them). that’s why it’s not advised to allow your children to watch tv until they’re 2 years old.

  5. Movies definitely. But is not that he will learn completely . For you baby to learn Spanish it will take more than that. Eventually if he lives in a Spanish speaking environment he will learn. But expose him to as much as many Spanish speakers you can.Suerte !! Once he learns Spanish expose him to Portuguese!! it is the closest roman language to Spanish is very similar and easy!! :D…


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