Can anyone cook and bake authentic mexican?

Can you email me recipes I am trying hard to learn I am half mex and half germ. Can someone give me a authentic mexican site or ricipes? you know the kind nana taught mom nd they teach you? I cant make americanized food its gross and my boyfriend is 100% mexican I wanna learn real food!


  1. My family loves mexican food – and I cook it nearly all the time. I have gotten most of my recipes off of – I have included the link to their Mexican Cuisine portion at the bottom of this. All the recipes there have reviews to read, so you can see how many people liked it too. My personal reccomendation for an authentic mexican meal that will really impress your boyfriend is tamales. Here is the recipe that I use. I make these and they are so good, that I actually sell them.

    Make sure you scroll down to the bottom to the 3 most helpful reviews. I am the top reviewer with my modifications (redneckwoman) – I hope you enjoy!


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