Do you have Mexican friends? I know a few but they are like 3rd or 4th generation and dont speak Spanish are?

they still classified with the illegal aliens? What links them here in the states beside being of Mexican ancestry


  1. I am hispanic and yes sometimes it feels the sentiment is also against hispanics, as well as illegals….People are people, I just wish some would get over there racism….

    angela R
  2. Yes, I do have Mexican friends who have forgotten or pretent to have forgotten their native tougue though it leaks at every step of their pronouciation. Their efforts of hiding their identify are indeed pitiable. With all these valiant efforts they are classified with the illegal aliens, though their link with Mexian ancestry has turned tenuous. However, even it remains very much alive, as could be seen in their proundly singiong the Spanish version of the National Song and goverrnments vain efforts to impose the English version on this why, oh why should their holding to the anchor of their ancestry must in any way be an impediment in their being called American citizens. Perhaps we should make a trip to India to see the cultural diversity and still an underlying unity of that nation. We may learn a thing or two.Your question and regret of their being calssified as aliens is understandable. May your tribe increase.

    Prabhakar G
  3. I have Mexican friends who were born in the US and that makes them legal citizens. They all still speak Spanish but they are very fluent in English also. I don’t have any idea what links them here.

  4. If they were born here, they are citizens. Period. Yes, I have a lot of Mexican friends, most of whom I met in prison and they are one hell of a lot better people than all of the rednecks and hypocrits I have ever met anywhere. The only good redneck is a dead one as far as I can tell.

    Tony T
  5. Lawl I’m in library just looking up what to dO when you have a Mexican friend lol she is very offended by the things that come up and I find it funny ^.^

    So anyways cyaaa


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