For you the americans…What is the most difficult of to learn Spanish?

I’m mexican and for me had been hard to learn english
For me the most difficult of english is the pronunciation.
(These is fine written)
Thank for yours answers


  1. Yes pronunciation is very hard in Spanish, but I also have difficulty with the gender specific thing. Masculine and Feminine doesn’t really make sense to me.

    I am working on it though… getting there slowly.

  2. I thought it was a lot harder to write, because of the accents and such. I could speak it pretty fluently, but had a hard time writing it. =]

  3. To be honest I’ve never tried to learn Spanish, but I have tried Italian, and pronunciation is something that’s sort of hard for me. I also have a really hard time remembering all the verb tenses. And I can’t roll my "r"s.

  4. I can’t roll my ‘r’

    Also, I found imperfective and perfective verbs to be confusing. In general, verbs are usually hard in the other languages I’ve studied.

    Also, using the right preposition since they don’t always translate literally. Idioms are also hard to master or translate when you first hear them.

  5. I think pronunciation in Spanish is easy, because it is completely phonetic. The most dificil is conversing, since they talk so fast and slur, even more so than other languages.


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