how can i act/dress/talk like a mexican?

this might be really stupid i look like a albanian but im from europe.
How can i look mexican like the haircut/clothes/act please just tell me somebody . The hard guy you know and how to talk i really want this so please somebody , even thought how stupid it can sound.

Thank you
pluzz im a guy


  1. Shave your head
    Wear plaid gang colored shirts (blue) and khaki dickies and a belt that says low riders
    Wear ray charles shades and grow a thick mustache
    Curse in spanish a lot and smack random "hynas" on the azz
    Carry a gun or a knife
    Impregnate your hyna and start a family of little gangster babies

    edit: nahh ant i’m stuck in wack azz arizona till i graduate….i see this stuff all the time….but what’s with the girls shaving off the eyebrows and drawing them with excessive eyeliner? lol

    ♥Mrs. Condra♥
  2. If you want to resemble an average mexican; well okay here a few tips:

    Dye your hair very dark, tan alot, be rude and mean, spit everywhere, talk your language badly, have old jeans mid-ripped, listen to ranchero music and believe on lady of guadalupe.

    I am a "white mexican" living on the modern northern city of Monterrey; which is home to many ethnic mexican groups; I can see thats the way most people act, so there you go.

  3. So if you want to act Mexican you need to have dark brown hair and to know how to talk Spanish (I should know I’m Mexican ) and then you need to take risk and lots of my Mexican friends act like badass and I think you should cuz like people think we are bad people


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