How can I improve my writing and vocabulary?

I am Mexican and english is my second language. So now that I am in college, I believe my writing skills is not at a college level nor my vocabulary. So I am asking for advice, what can you guy recomend me. Any suggestion would be very helpful. Thank You


  1. read! Read books, magazines, newspapers anything like that and look up the words you don’t know in a dictionary.

    I never believed my english instructors that the more you read the better the writer you become. Sadly its true. So READ!

    Also crossword puzzles helps to expand your vocabulary too. Playing Scrabble and Boggle tooo

  2. try using 2 different words a day that you aren’t really familiar with. use them often throughout the day and soon you will be pretty good! by the way, that detail explanation thing has no mistakes at all.

  3. well, best thing is to study…of course…
    but you really need to know the roots of the vocab and since you are hispanic, try to take other foreign language because you have to deal with lots of grammars there… tough but you might know since you know spanish… good luck

  4. the best way to improve your writing and vocabulary is first you buy a good dictionary and after buy good books and copy them into a notebook, I can assure you that you will improve 200 percent.

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  5. Take an English class, and read everything you can get your hands on. Reading is the most educational thing you can do. But your English needs to be in good order to read. Good luck to you, hope you have a very informative experience.

  6. Learning a language is always integrated. First you have to understand the culture of the language because language itself is culture.Listen to the rhythm of the language.Imitate the sound.Learn the people. Study the people…this is in terms of application of the language and in terms of survival in the English speaking community.

    In academic field, you have to read anything, as in anything, to improve your vocabulary. Then, the new words that you met should be put into practice by writing and of course, attend your classes. Love literature and be conscious of the grammar. Enjoy learning.


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