How can I learn Mexican food?

I’m really interested in Mexican food. So, I’m looking for Mexican cooking class in Mexico or America. I want to learn Mexican food in detail(for a month or longer) not tourist program. If you know nice Mexican cooking class, let me know 😀 Here is the options : 1. Mexico or America.
2. Not tourist program. (One month is good or longer is good), 3. Good environment & Reasonable price.


  1. My dad worked with a bunch of Mexican immigrants here in LA. They would occasionally come to our house and teach us how to make some stuff. It’s kinda funny, we’re Indian, but we make authentic Mexican food =) (well, as authentic as vegetarian Mexican food can be, no lard and all)

    Short of that, I’d say youtube it (so many authentic recipes there, way more authentic than in most books, anyway). It doesn’t hurt if you learn some Spanish, so you can do some searches in Spanish.

    Or do a search for "escuelas de cocina" and see what pops up.

    You can also post an ad at a Mexican grocery in your area, asking for private lessons. Some housewife should be willing to make some money just cooking dinner and having you hang around.

    Also, Rick Bayless is a famous chef who loves Mexican cuisine. Maybe you can reach out to him on twitter, and ask for his advice. He’s really responsive to those who tweets him. Or just buy one of his books.


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