how can I learn the value of american money to mexican money.?

Like we have 1 cent is a penny, 5 cents is a nickel, 10 cents is a dime etc.
Do they have 100 cents is 1 dollar, do they have 5.00 and 10.00 and 20.00 like we do. And how do I covert so I understand what each money is?? Any suggestions on how to learn about mexican money? Explain like you are talking to a first grader. This all seems so confusing.


  1. ok in mexico there are no 1 cent coins, but there are 10 cents, I think also 20 and 5 cents (can’t quite remember). There are also 50 cents coins (I sometimes heard people calling these toston), 1 peso coins(which it could be like a dollar but they are coins and not bills) there are 2 peso coins, 5 pesos coins, 10 pesos coins (and I can’t remember if there are bills for 10 pesos). There are 20 pesos and 50 pesos bills (there are also coins for both 20 and 50, but they are more rare). there are 100 pesos bills, 200 pesos bills, 500 pesos bills and very rare 1000 pesos bills.
    And I think that’s it.
    As of the actual value of the pesos over the dollar, I would just look up "currency converter".


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