How can you write a letter to Carlos Coy (SPM)?

Is there an address that you can write to to send a letter to Carlos Coy aka SPM (South Park Mexican)?
I believe he’s innocent, and that he was just used as a target for others to get money.
The little girl that claimed she was "touched inappropriately", admitted that it could of been a dream. Ha.
After that, others seen the opportunity to accuse him of doing something to them to, of course, get his money.
Do you really think he would commit those crimes if he has a young daughter and wife?


  1. I honestly believe I’m the only one in this section that likes SPM..:/ Or that actually looked up the details of the case and saw that the little girl was coached and that they lost the civil suit..which means that there’s a decent chance he’s innocent..

    The Mic Messiah *GrandMaster Turtle*
  2. not sure why u would want to write to a pedophile but, according to wikipedia he is in Louis C Powledge Unit in Texas, his TDCJ # is 01110642- get the addy of the prison with a google search. u can write any prisoner if u have their prisoner (TDCJ) number plus the prison address.

    that punk is probably on SNY (special needs yard, where rape-os and cho-mos have to stay so they dont get killed in general population). they hate cho-mos in the pen.

    to the other answerer, doesnt sound to me like hes so innocent based on the wiki page i just read….all of those diff kids were lying huh, yeah right.


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