How do I learn to play an accordion?

I’m a big fan of regional mexican music and well being hispanic is one of the reasons why. Anyways, I have always wanted to learn to play the accordion and have been saving money to buy one and learn how to play it. I’m 21 and I should of started when I was younger, but I still have the desire to learn to play the accordion. Does anyone know where I can learn to play it? What kind of accordion is the best for a beginner?

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  1. Don’t worry that your to old to learn an instrument! All you need is the desire to learn it!

    The accordion used most for mexican music is a three row button box. Usually tuned GCF.

    As far as what to buy, just stay away from the really low price China imports, they are more trouble than they are worth and are hard to learn on. You’d be better off buying a good brand older model used for a lot less than a new one.

    I don’t know where you live, so I can’t suggest any teachers, but if you’d like to learn on your own, this company makes some good videos.


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