How do we renew my wifes Mexican passport with her married name?

At the Mexican Consulate, they said that we need 2 apostille copies of our marriage license. I am not sure what that is and where do I get these? Are there any special forms that we need?


  1. Depending on the state where your marriage certificate was issued are the rules for apostille. But in general, I suggest that you contact the office of the county clerk where your marriage certificate is registered and ask them to issue a two new certified copies.
    Once you have them, I suggest that you contact the offices of the secretary of state from the state where your document is from and send it to them so they can apply the apostilles for Mexico.
    If you need them in a rush, I suggest you hire an apostille agent.
    Also, you may want to check if the Mexican authorities need a certified translation by a Mexican Perito Traductor (certified translator) because they may need it as well.
    Good luck!

  2. Contact the county that you were married in and ask for 2 certified copies of your marriage certificate. Those documents will have a raised seal.


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