How do you say "Hello may I speak to…" in Spanish?

I’m calling my best friend over the telephone tomorrow, and i don’t want to sound stupid considering her whole family doesn’t understand English. I can speak with a Mexican accent, infact they say i sound hispanic most of the time even thought i’m white and can only understand and barely speak spanish. I need to know the correct wording in Spanish for the phrase " Hello may i speak to…" I’m calling a girl, if that makes the difference in the vocabulary.


  1. Hola!!

    One important think to know when dealing with Spanish speaking people is that we ALWAYS use the words "por favor- please" and "gracias- thank you" when interacting, so please always remember to use your good manners.

    "Hola, podría hablar con … por favor?"
    And then when they ask you something like "Who is talking"
    "Quién llama?" or "Quién es?"
    Always say: "Soy su amigo …."
    Then they will tell you something like "Un momento por favor"
    You just say: "Muchas gracias" or just "Gracias"

    Good luck!!


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