How many languages do you speak??

Hi, I’m Mexican I speak Spanish and a little of English.

I have been studying of it very hard lately , I think it is a beautiful language, but , then I would like to learn French, because the sounds are very pretty!.

and you?

thank you for your answer!


  1. I only speak english but I have a cousin in Germany who is a German Language scholar (going for a PhD) and can also fluently speak French, English, Spanish and is learning Italian.

  2. 8 to one extent or another (not including those where I know a few phrases, grammar notes, linguistical history, etc.)

    Fluently: English and Spanish
    Advanced: Portuguese
    Intermediate: Japanese, Italian
    Basic to Intermediate: French, German
    Basic: Irish/Gaelic

  3. dude before learning french you have to be really good at english first ……….. im telling the truth …………. i know english , tagalog (from philippines) and japanese and im currently learning french ……which is really hard ………….. because in french there is a lot of tongue twisting ………. wanna trade languages ………. you know ……… we teach each other languages ………….. so we both learn from each other ……..
    e-mail me if ur interested ……… here is my e-mail

  4. First I learned French. I learned it in school, and continued until I earned a university degree in French.

    In my third year of high school, our school took a trip to Sonora, Mexico, where I realized I could understand some Spanish because I spoke French. I returned home and immediately began studying Spanish.

    I continued studying in the university and my French degree has a Spanish minor (specialty). I live in a region where there are many Mexican immigrants, and through marriage, my home language has been Spanish for decades. I also speak Spanish at work and in my community every day. I love Spanish and to me, it’s like my native language because of the many decades I have been speaking it every day.

    It’s hard to find people who speak French here, so I don’t use that as often. I agree with you that French is an incredibly beautiful language. I notice you have the Eiffel Tower for your avatar. It is clearly my favorite symbol, because it represents Paris, and ultimately, France! But I did a research paper on the Eiffel Tower a few years ago in my art class, and I grew to love the tower for many other reasons. I believe that the Eiffel Tower is a masterpiece of art and ALSO a marvel of science. Did you know that the man who created the Eiffel Tower, Gustave Eiffel, was a bridge builder famous around the world BEFORE he built the Eiffel Tower? He built the locks for the Panama Canal AND he also built the inside structure of the Statue of Liberty. He did scientific experiments in the tower.

    I have to stop writing now because I become very enthusiastic about the Eiffel Tower and would write on and on and on about it. It’s a very magical place.

  5. Armenian is my mother tongue.
    Persian or Farsi,because I live in Iran.
    Also I can speak English and Spanish a little but not fluently. But I translate these languages. For mi Spanish sounds pretty just like Italian and French is also great.

    Adrineh Y
  6. I know "English".
    Marunong din ako ng "Tagalog" o "Filipino".
    Kabalo man ko maghambal "Ilonggo" ukon "Hiligaynon"

    Wo ye zhi dao jiang "Zhong Wen" (Mandarin, and a bit of Fookien but I’m far from fluent.)

    trying to learn Nihonggo (Japanese), Hangul (Korean), and Español (Spanish).

    so far, just a total of 4 languages.

    would love to learn French. XD

  7. I’ve been speaking Finnish my whole life. I started to study English in the fifth grade and have been learning it since. I started to study Swedish 2 years later but I really don’t use it anywhere so it’s kinda poor. I’ve also studied French and German but they’re not worth mentioning. I probably don’t know them any more than you do.

    And the language I’d really like to learn is Japanese. It would be so great to understand the conversations in anime.


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