How to get girls to notice you if you barely talk?

I just moved to a new school in early may
And at this school no girls tend to even look at me
at my old school every girl loved me or crushed on me
I dont get it
is it because i barely talked and i let the black and Mexican kids tease me is that why???
i feel like i got ugly all of a sudden??


  1. Your fresh meat dude. If people don’t know you, you can’t expect them to woo over you. Personality is more important than you think. Looks aren’t everything. Don’t be afraid to say your piece in a conversation. Let them see who you are as a person and things may change. Usually girls stereotype good-looking guys as "jerks, and self-centered" which to an extent can be true, but you gotta change that. Stick up for yourself man. When they tease you, let ’em have it. Good luck!

  2. Well.

    Because you’re attractive … and because you don’t speak much … it makes it difficult for anyone to approach you … and you could come off as arrogant.

    I think that if you’re average looking … or if you’re feminine … you become that easy to talk to "I want him as my friend" kind of guy.

    In a way, take it as a compliment that you intimidate girls. Just try to be nice to people when you can.


    I had a very handsome friend who moved from up north … about 2 years ago. He was in your situation, girls wouldn’t come to him … when he was nice, they would flirt with him … but like, just his looks were (and are) very intimidating.

    Perfect teeth, long hair, no acne, straight nose, tall, etc.

    I just think when you’re above average/cute, you have to take that extra step … and you have to put more effort into getting to know people.

    Jerome Jerome
  3. Well every girl on your old school
    got to know you and grew up with you.
    New school girls are more mature now since you grow old now.
    They prefer to know you first than physical appearances.

  4. You talk to them! I don’t know what kind of school you’re at, but I went to a very small school from K-8th grade (about 200 or so total people in the school) and becasue of that, everyone had already established who their friends were, who they didn’t really like that much, etc. Since we’d been together for so long, we already knew pretty much everything about eachother. Whenever we’d get a new student, they always had a really hard time. It wasn’t that we were mean to them or didn’t try to include them, they just were kind of out of the loop since they were new. Mostly, I’d suggest trying to takl to and get to know people, but also, just know that it’s probably just going to take some time. Good luck!


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