how to improve your pronunciation in english when you dont live in an english speaking country?

what english to learn? how can you improve all your skills? when you attend classes in english but by mexican teachers with bad pronunciation and boring methods of teaching. Hi I am learning.. english but I want to expand more and more vocabulary, pronunciation etc.. you know please tell me.. good
so sorry I chose the wrong section..


  1. Yep, you chose the wrong, section, it happens, but I won’t penalize you for it ^_^

    Anywho, let me make two points:

    1- There is generally only one way to get your pronunciation of English (or any language you wish to learn) down well- and that is to be around people who speak English well, or as their native language. There is just no way around this, unless you are a language nerd (like me) with a good knowledge of the IPA, and a willingness to spend hours studying and memorizing pronunciations. English is harder than other languages concerning this, because there are so many inconsistent and arbitrary pronunciation rules. Really, especially with English, hearing the correct pronunciations over and over again until you get used to them is the best way to learn. Period.

    2- English has a HUMUNGOUS number of accents and dialects, and even though there is a "correct" way to pronounce English, the truth is that most native English speakers do not pronounce English in the "correct" way!!! That should be a relief to you, because it means you do not have to worry so much about proper pronunciation. You do have to work on pronunciation to some extent , but many people, at least here in the USA, are used to people of other accents speaking English. In my area there is a good mix of northern and southern accents, but there aren’t any real communication troubles because of it. There are also a number of people with Mexican accents, and they are not difficult to understand, even though their pronunciation isn’t totally "correct". It doesn’t need to be totally correct. It just needs to be understandable.

    My advise to you- concern yourself mostly with learning correct English syntax and grammer. Using proper grammer will make you much easier to understand in English than having perfect pronunciation. I can tell just by how you wrote your question that your syntax and grammer need work, but thats OK! English is a tough language and I admire any person trying to learn it. I would advise finding a good, informative book on English, such as a "teach yourself" sort of book, and possibly also finding a new English teacher!

    I hope you have good success at learning English, and I hope I was able to help. God bless!

    The Link
  2. Get English movies online, or rent them. Start with Disney kids movies (they tend to speak a bit more slowly, with less massive words) and work your way up as you get a stronger grasp on the speech.

    moddy almondy
  3. 🙂

    do not change your style. Use it, and let them try to understand what you said. You can proud with your culture, wher you belong to

    Singapore has what people call "singlish", and proud with it!


    Jilan A

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