How to re-learn native language?

Both of my parents are Nigerians and they both speak Igbo. However, none of my siblings including myself can speak it. I used to speak a little bit but i was really young. However I can COMPLETELY understand it, I just can’t speak it. My parents are always talking about how they see Asian, Indian, and Mexican kids speaking their language but we can’t. I feel really ashamed because I have both parents that speak the language. I am 15 years old and would like to speak fluently before i get too old or leave home. any advice?

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  1. Maybe you could write down the words and rules of speech/grammar you know and try to put together sentences. This way you might find what you need or want to re-learn.
    – You can try writing a sort of diary in your native language – as much as you know of it, so that you can practice it on your own. It doesn’t have to be personal since you might want to ask your parents if you need to correct something for what you want to say.
    – Write a list of words or sentences you want to be able to say.
    – Think of when you were learning English. What did your teachers have you do? Use the same exercises to practice your native language.


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